So here we are in Fairbanks.  How can I describe this city.  It is a simple city, no dramatic sky lines, simple buildings spread over a great deal of area.  It was constructed in a  very low density manner spreading out over the landscape.  In areas there is a view of Mount McKinley in the far off distance. Yellowknife is difficult to build in so the building are closer together and we have highrises because it is economical to build up instead of out.  But I have decided that building in Fairbanks must be relatively easy because they build in this spread out manner.

Sunday I went to the Antique Auto Museum that my friend Judy said I had to go to.  Well it was amazing (more photos to follow as I didn’t take my big camera with me).  I had a very detailed tour with Bob, who volunteers each Sunday.  This is a must go-to-place if you ever get to Fairbanks.  Wow!  The earliest vehicle is 1898, the oldest is 1932 or so.  Most have been restored to working order!  It was interesting to see  that some of the autos are one of  three known to exists, or even better the one off vehicles that never made it beyond the prototype because the engine  never worked!   Included in the display are dresses from each era.  I loved seeing the two Fortuny dresses!  I had read about them but never saw one. They are elegant, sensual and amazing pieces of work.  Sadly Fortuny went to his grave with the pleating technique that he developed and no one has been able to replicate.03.18.14 0 Antique car museum

Thanks Bob for the tour!  It was fabulous!

Then it was time to head to the Opening Ceremonies for the Arctic Winter Games here in Fairbanks Alaska.

03.18.14 1 WaitingMiss Tiffany was patient as we waited…

03.18.14 2 Let the Games beginThe torch run!

Now on to my story about a Sea Lion.

03.18.14 Sea LionI went to the Museum at the University of Alaska and there was this sea lion, stuffed of course,  which reminded me of  the last Arctic Winter Games in Alaska.  They were held in Kenai in Alaska.  My very special friends Judy and Wendell took me to Seward, Alaska.  We went to the Sea Life centre.  There were all kinds of interesting fish and sea life but the most interesting was the Sea Lion who took a particular shine to me.  He came down to the bottom of the very large tank and he sat there, he blew bubbles at me, and when I wiggled my fingers at him he tried to bite them…thankfully there was very thick glass between him and I!  Now if that was all that would be an interesting story but there is more. The Sea Lion headed back up to get some air, came back to repeat the same interactions. When it headed back up to get the next breath Judy asked me to move to another window.  So I moved and another person took my place at the window I had been at.  The sea lion went  back to where I had been, took one look at the person and turned his head to find me and came to me.  I have a whole series of images that Judy took while I was focused on my new very best friend!   It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure.

Some of the drawings I have  been doing during our trip so far….

03.18.14 traveling monkey

03.18.14 Alaskan Air

03.18.14 ritual hat

Well I have three more pencil sketches to ink up!  I am having a blast at the Games.

We are close to sending out the next set of cards.  I hope to mail them right from here in Fairbanks. Are you going to be the one to receive the next set of cards?

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already…this week always goes so quickly.