Congratulations to Jody who won a set of cards by making  the 50th comment!  I got the cards in the mail on Friday, so watch for a package from Fairbanks.

03.22.14 Alaskan High Kick

I put this photo on Facebook and said I would explain it.  Frances B. thought it was Inuit Games and she is right.  I am pretty sure the Candee knew what it was too… This young woman from Alaska is doing the Alaskan High Kick.  As you see she is holding one foot and she swings her other leg up to kick the seal skin ball.  What you don’t know is that she is smashing the Arctic Winter Games record by kicking to 78 inches.  She couldn’t even reach the ball to steady it with her fingers but she could kick it! Amazing.03.22.14 QuietThe crowd is completely quiet while she is getting herself set up and ready to go…here they are waiting to see if she can kick the ball when it was set at 79 inches.  She had three attempts and didn’t make it.  It was amazing to see.  It is one of my favourite sports at the games.

03.22.14 Sean and ISee the boy on the board behind me…that is my youngest when he was 12 yrs old and in Nuuk Greenland for the 2002 Arctic Winter Games.  This photo is part of a museum display about the Arctic Winter Games.  I was so surprised when I went to the opening of the display several games ago. I turned around and there was Sean!   The next games will be hosted in Nuuk too.  I am really excited about that.

03.22.14 BurkeToday is Burke’s first birthday!  Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  Granny can’t wait to give you a hug in person!  Soon.

02.22.14 ClosingHere is Miss Tiffany at the closing ceremonies for the 2014 Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks.  Hard to believe the week is done.  It was a great competition, the kids had fun and made new friends.  I got to catch up with old friends, and made some of new friends of my own.  So this is the last post from North America…next will be after we arrive in Australia.  A new continent for us!

We are now on the count for the next winner of a set of cards. Where will I mail them from?  24 more to go.  😉