09.17.13 wild quietness 17 of 30 copy“Wild Quietness”, 20cm x 20cm, Acrylic

$100 + shipping

This morning/afternoon session was just a bomb…I had my first “wiper” painting.  I just covered it over with a grey paint, deleted the images off my camera, said a few choice words and left my studio.  While making supper I opened a cupboard and noticed  a package of Alaskan honey in sealed plastic straws…well that lead to me searching for another Alaskan product that I know we had around because I not much of a tea drinker.

Tonight the painting just came together and flowed…which is very nice given the disaster of this morning.

Hey notice that it is only midnight when I am posting…not 1:30 am.  I will be glad to get to bed at a fairly early hour compared to what I have done this past week.

See you tomorrow.