09.16.13 Three little ducks 16 of 30“Three little ducks”, 20cm x 20 cm (8×8 in), Acrylic, NFS

Here I am past 1am…we have to stop meeting this way so late at night.  🙂

So all three ducks got into the tub.  Momma duck is still watching over them.  They are pretty crowded and I am thankful that they couldn’t move while I was painting them…unlike yesterday!

Today was another busy day beyond my studio.  The YK Watercolour group met and started our new painting year off with a bang.  It is a fun group.

Duck in a tubHere is the whole series…one, two and three!

I hope you have a great day.  I will be glad to climb into bed and become unconscious….but before that happens remember we only have 14 days left until the end of the September.  14 days to get your name in for the monthly draw of an original 5×7 watercolour  or a set of cards.  Comment, sign up to follow my blog, and sign up for my newsletter and your name will be in the draw.  We only have 4 left!

See you tomorrow night. Wait until you see the crazy thing I am going to paint tomorrow….