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The month at NACC was really fun. I had an Opening on April 7th.   Then every other night I was there painting.  Well at least beginning a painting with the focus all on birds.

So I painted Ptarmigans

an Eagle

A raven (which I finished)

and Snow buntings

I had quite a few people take time to explore my paintings and I got to talk to a few of them. 🙂And after all the shows I had a spectator do the draw for the basket and Beth Collinson (one of my students) won the basketful of goodies. 🙂

It was a busy month and it was great to see everyone and to chat.  Now I am finally back to painting. I started a commission yesterday and also will be finishing the rest of the birds. I got the raven done before we went on holidays.

“Heedful”, 6×6 in, Acrylic, SOLD

Thanks so much for dropping by!  See you again soon(ish). Have a great week.


I have been really busy painting in preparation for my show at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre for the month of April.  Ian and I hung the show yesterday…no photos taken!    I have to say I am pretty pleased with how it looks.  I tried to leave space for the viewer to really get to look without being overwhelmed.  There are some older pieces and there are 10 brand new pieces both in watercolour and acrylic.

I continue to explore beautiful flowers and the new, never before seen acrylics are of birds!  🙂  

Claim the Sky 2, 12x12in, Acrylic

I hope you will stop by for the Opening Reception on Friday April 7 from 6 to 7:30 pm at NACC!  See you there.


This past few weeks have been very full with teaching.  I have completed 2 of the three foundation classes: Acrylic 1 and Watercolour 1.  This weekend I complete the last foundation class Drawing 1.  I am finding that the teaching space is far more comfortable!


I have mentioned that our house has experienced the death/rebirth cycle!   We are finally feeling settled in our space. There are still boxes that need to be gone through,  one box that seems to have disappeared…but for the most part we are settled. What a long time it takes to get this all done.

new photo of the room set up for the class.

In other news I finally got my video done for my Luminous World Art Show.  I took a series of videos just hours before the Opening happened on October 28, 2016 but when I went to process them my old computer wasn’t being at all cooperative.  Now that I have a new computer I was finally able to do the work to get the video together and up on YouTube.  Check it out!

Thanks for dropping by!  See you soon.


dsc_0021So I have been working on a video to attach to this blog post, but my computer is 6 yrs old and has decided to be decrepit and ancient…there sadly won’t be a video until I get a new computer.  Soon (I hope).  The photo above is the first sale I had on Friday, which went to  Russell who came into the house to fix something and he also checked out the art.  He stood in front of this painting (photo below) and chuckled.  I loved his response because that is exactly how I felt while I was painting this Ice Road Batman!  It made me very happy.


My 4th annual Art Show and Sale  called “‘Luminous World’ with 60 paintings in 60 Days” is complete!  And it was amazing to see all the work I had been doing for the past 10 months up on the wall.  The new hanging system worked rather well.  As you can see in the photo below:


Each of these little paintings were done in a day (if I was lucky, most took 1 1/2 days  andsome took 2 full days) and I put them in a binder in protect plastic pages.  I continued to add to this binder until I had 60 paintings.  It is funny how 60 paintings don’t look like that much when they are in the binder, but as soon as they are framed and hanging.  Wow that is a lot of work! 🙂



I still have some 2017 calendars for sale.  If you want one you can order one here on my website. There are 4 different shipping options to choose from.  I had one person order one for Yellowknife, one for Canada, and one for International…they were all shipped and delivered to the various places!  🙂



Here are a few more photos of the “Evening with the Artist” event!dsc_0022



Thank you for checking in on me.  There has been a lot going on and so my time for blogging disappeared.  But I  have it back and will start slowly.  See you next Thursday.  Have a great week.



Well I missed Thursday by a few hours.  Some weeks just get away on a person.  Here is Part 2 of the still life drawing that I did last week.  🙂

I got some exciting news yesterday. I entered into a juried show for painters and yesterday I received the email saying that my painting has been accepted.  Find it below:

Castle Dragon Shawna Lampi-Legaree sm

‘Castle Dragon’, Acrylic, 12×12 inch

This painting will be for sale at the show.   I will post the link once the show goes up at the end of May.

Thank so much for dropping by.  See you next week.  🙂


Zebra Shawna Lampi-Legaree DRS

Zebra, 6×6 inches, Acrylic

Here is my second painting video to

It has been a very busy week. I have been getting prepared for my Watercolour 2 class that is happening this weekend.  It is the first time to teach this class.

I am now officially an ART HERMIT! Doing these videos add another layer to my art learning.  I am working on getting the very basics figured out and then I will add complexity as I go along…like tips and tricks videos.

Have a great weekend!  See you next week.

45702.22.16 Tulips

‘Tulips’ (the name for now), 5×7, Acrylic

I have these fabulous black and white patterned fabric. I had fun painting them.  But i have to say that this painting took longer than I normally spend on a small piece.  I realized that I have too much happening in the piece.  So the next one I do in this little series will be slightly different.  🙂

 I am a bit behind in producing paintings.  Turns out teaching keeps me very happily busy.

02.22.16 Drawing 1.part2 copy

So I have completed the first round of winter classes!  It has been such an honour to teach my students new skills in watercolour, acrylic and drawing.  🙂  Thanks for all the fun.  I have one more Drawing 1 class at Range Lake North School on Tuesday.  Then I am off until the end of March.

Ian and I will be taking a little trip. So I will post on Thursday and if I get a chance to while we are away I will try to blog.  No promises!  There will be a lot of photos when I return.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you on Thursday.




02.15.16 Juno Shawna Lampi-Legaree

‘Juno’, 6×6″, Acrylic

I have wanted to paint faces but every time I thought about it I felt stress about it.  So I decided that I can’t go wrong practicing on statues.  So this was my first attempt.  I plan to do more just to make sure this one didn’t turn out great because of ‘beginner’s luck’.  🙂

This weekend was a hopping weekend.  I set up to teach on Friday night, taught the end of Acrylic 1 on Saturday, had an hour snooze before having to get ready to go to the Yellowknife Community Foundation Gala where we danced and ate and laughed. It was a fabulous time.  I taught again on Sunday this time the first group of Drawing 1.

02.17.16 Classes endingsm

After traveling and all the teaching I have been doing I was pretty much wiped out on Monday and Tuesday which is why my Monday post didn’t happen this week.

See you again in the next few days.


So I had a bit of a panic attack last week.  I thought “what if I run out of ideas of things to paint!?!” Which is a real concern when one decides to paint 100 little paintings.  I don’t want to do the same thing in different ways, but then I do want to do a bit of work in a series (which is doing the same thing in different ways).  🙂  So I am painting and fussing about this not having enough ideas.  Finally I decide to sit down (which I am not doing much of these days) and start to write down the ideas I have percolating away.  Shake my head…I don’t think I will run out of ideas.   The problem may be is that I have too many ideas.

01.25.16 14 of 100 Raven

“Stake Out”, 5×7, Acrylic

This week I have painted my very first raven.  I don’t know why I have never painted one before…but there you go, now I have.  I have a load of great photos from living on the 4th floor this past year.  I need to get more photos to work from though.  I think this could turn into a little series.

My painting time has become a lot less with teaching this week. I taught session 2 of Drawing 1 tonight, tomorrow I teach Acrylic 1 Session 1, Thursday and Saturday I teach session 3 and the last session 4 of  Watercolour 1, and Friday I teach at the school!  Life is hopping and I will be tired on Sunday!  🙂 The next few weeks will be very busy and then I will only be painting.

01.25.16 Drawing 1 session 2

Here are my students learning how light forms an object.  🙂

Well I will see you on Thursday.  Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.


So I have been trying to be as focused as possible.  I have one day a week that I do a lot of computer work, updating my life, organizing for classes and so forth. That day is always a very long day.  Then I am trying to have 3 to 4 days a week that I paint for 8 hours and hopefully I am getting in 4 or 5 hours in on the days that I can’t do more than that.

01.18.16 Glass of Water Shawna Lampi-Legaree

” Quenched” 11 of 100, 6×6 inches, Acrylic on board

I have a few series ideas coming through as I work.  I start with one painting that has a kernel of an idea that leads to different ideas using the same subject matter.  It is really fun to change things up and yet have a feeling that these paintings belong together.

I have already begun to prep for my show in June.  I ordered the invites and I’m just waiting for them to arrive.  My son Alexander is my graphic designer!  I appreciate having really different invitations and posters for every show and sale.

See you on Thursday.  I teach tonight, Thursday night, and Friday afternoon.  🙂  Life is hopping along.