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I had a wonderful opportunity to share my work and to talk about my artistic journey.  Each day I had about a dozen people come and listen.  Some had highlighted my talk as one of the things they really wanted to do!  So much fun. The video above was done by Alexander during my Friday morning floor talk.

Mom 001

This woman has a cousin’s son who lives in Yellowknife.  She asked if he knew me but he didn’t.  The world is a small place! Mom 004

We are off to Uluru in the morning. We fly to Alice Springs where we change planes and head off to Uluru for three days!  I can’t wait to see the rock at sunrise, sunset and do the walk around the base of the whole rock.  Also I am looking forward to the blast of heat…it is predicted to be 28C!

It is nice here during the days but there is definitely a feeling of autumn in the air in the evenings.

See you on the flip side of Uluru. I shall be checking for comments and counting them. I have a package ready to mail from Uluru!  I am sooooooo excited to go.

Have a great weekend! May those in the northern hemisphere have spring weather for easter and for those southern hemisphere I hope for you a lovely autumn sunshine too!

p.s.  My new friend Sugy has a blog…in korean… check it out here.  She posted more photos of the gala evening.


I have been meeting some wonderful people.  Just after I arrived I received an email from a woman name Jenny (a quilter) saying she would love to get together and that we had a mutual friend.  I didn’t ask who the friend was but I figured if she knew someone from Yellowknife then all would be fine. She came and picked me up and that is when she told me that she is a friend of my dear friend Barb Round!  Jenny thought I was a very trusting person!  :) But she didn’t know that I have had this experience over and over again so I have learned to just flow along and it pretty much is fabulous.  I met Marlene who also knows Barb!  It is a small, small world!

04.16.14 Shawna Jenny Marlene

Marlene and Jenny took Miss Tiffany and I out for lunch…04.16.14 Shawna Miss Tiffany Marlene and Jenny

and to an Artist Cooperative gallery (which was fabulous!) where Miss Tiffany found me some new studio buddies! Marlene made them. I picked up the blue monkey and a pink bunny!  Just darling!!!

04.16.14 A new studio buddy

Miss Tiffany is enjoying having company!

04.16.14 Betty and ITwenty years ago I went to quilt workshops in Seattle Washington where I met Betty.  She and I are both communicators so we have remained in contact each christmas for all these years.  It was just wonderful to see Betty and to spend sometime together.  It was a precious visit!

04.16.14 Sugy Kim and Me

On Saturday night AQC had their gala event. It was completely fun.  Though at the start while I was waiting downstairs to be let in I stood there knowing not a single person…I had met three people on Wednesday evening but I couldn’t find them in the crowd.  Thankfully Sugy turned around and we started to chat.  We had a wonderful evening together. She and her husband even gave me a ride home at the end of the evening!   They are very nice people!

04.16.14 Yvonne Brown Shawna Sugy KimWe sat with Yvonne Brown who was one of the Tutors. Yvonne hails from England.  Check out her website!

It is completely fun to see an old friend and to make new friends!

We are getting closer to sending out a new set of cards.  I would love to mail them from Uluru!  Comment away!  ;)




We went to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a fabulous place to go. You pay and receive a bag of food to feed the kangaroos.  What a wonderful experience.  They were very gentle and they liked to eat.  :)  If you ever get to Tasmania you need to head right over to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
04.13.14 Tasmania

They love when we scratched them on the chest.  Guess it is hard to scratch yourself when you have little front arms! 04.13.14 Tasmania2

Alexander got some great photos of the kangaroos.   04.13.14 Alexanders Kangaroo

The photo above is Alexander’s!  Isn’t that the cutest begging kangaroo you have ever seen!!!!04.13.14 Tasmania3

Sometimes they would gently hold on to our hands with their very sharp claws.  Got to get every last bite!  04.13.14 Tasmania8

Again with the cool birds. These just landed and were feeding.  They are not part of the sanctuary.04.13.14 Tasmania4

We got to see a wombat. She is nearly 22 months old.  She is docile and cuddly at this point.  But soon she will become very aggressive and they will start a soft release back into the wild.  Turns out wombats have genetic memory and they release quite well into the wild.  04.13.14 Tasmania7

Ok koalas are very cute…not particularly smart as they have a brain the size of a walnut but with a brain that size they have survived a very, very, very long time!04.13.14 Tasmania6

We each got to pet the koala and get our photo taken with him. 04.13.14 Tasmania5

Alexander was the first to do a selfie with the koala!  Love the smile!04.13.14 Tasmanian devil

But the best thing about the whole Sanctuary was the Tasmania Devils.  This one was taking a run around its pen.

04.13.14 Tasmanian devil1

We learned a lot. Like Tasmania Devils eat everything, fur, skin, meat, bones…every part of an animal.   They are scavengers with amazing jaw strength but shy.  Sadly there is an infection that is being transferred from one to another during feeding frenzies. The infection presents itself as cancerous tumors around the mouth and throat which leads to a 100 % fatality rates.  They scientists are working as fast as they can trying to figure out what the infection is.  But they have released uninfected devils onto an island and they are prospering. This will give the scientist time to figure out what is going on and hopefully figure out how to cure it.  Then they can bring them back.  They are really worried about losing the whole population of devils.
04.13.14 Tasmania9After the fun morning of being at the sanctuary we went to a couple of wineries and picked up some Tasmanian wine.  YUM!

Back to Hobart we go.

 What wildlife have you seen around your home recently?


When on holidays the days flow by…busy and full.

We came back to Melbourne for a few days.  We spent a glorious afternoon at the National Gallery of Victoria.

04.13.14 Melbourne

04.13.14 Gallery of Victoria1

Ian isn’t into art like I am but he is into me!  :) So he patiently waits for me.

We flew Thursday morning to Tasmania.  We got our car, booked into our hotel and drove directly south to the most southerly point in Australia that you can drive too. First thing we noticed in Tasmania is that it was cooler than the main land….cause is is 1000 km further south.     
04.13.14 Tasmania0

Alexander and I and behind us is the direct route to Antarctica!  And the wind felt like it was coming directly off the ice!  Burrrrr
04.13.14 Tasmania0a

Ian and Alexander.   Alexander has one more place in the southern hemisphere to go to and his journeys to the most southerly points will be complete.04.13.14 Tasmania0b

I continue to be fascinated with the interesting birds!   Thankfully there are some that make it easy to take photos of them.
04.13.14 Tasmania0cThe ferns here are on steroids.  :)  It is so fun to watch the changes in flora and fauna.

Day one complete!  I will post our experience at an animal sanctuary tomorrow.

So I wonder where you have gone that was far away from where you live?

I have another set of cards ready to send out!


04.01.14 Ian and Shawna

Well we happen to like palm trees…

04.01.14 spider

What was next to the palm tree…one of many spiders.  Alexander tells me I don’t have to worry about this one. Ya right.  I will happily keep my distance.04.02.14 bird

During the few days that we have been here we have stopped several times along the side of the road to take photos or exchange driving duties.  Each time there was a bird singing.  I tried to find the bird in the foliage of the trees with no luck.  So we go to the Parliament building and these black and white birds (which are Australian Magpies) are singing the song we heard by the side of the road.   ;)

04.02.14 Tiffany and Cedric

Ian taking a photo of us doing our little photo shoot with our traveling monkeys.04.02.14 view from parliment building

The view from the Parliament building roof.  It was a fascinating building.

04.02.14 view from parliment building2

We even saw one copy of the Magna Carta!  There are only a couple of original documents…and Canberra has one!  What a bonus.


We didn’t get to stay long in Canberra as we had a 600 km drive ahead of us.   We were home by 9 pm.  We did about 2400 km in 4 days.  Good thing we are from the NWT where we get lots of practice doing long distance driving.

The 50th comment has been made!  Congratulations Dayle from Yellowknife.  You are the winner of a set of cards.

Now on to the next set of 25.  I hope to mail out a set of cards again before we leave Australia.  Wouldn’t it be great if I had to mail them from Uluru in the centre of Australia!  ;)

Tuesday – Sydney


03.29.14 Ian in waves

At one of our beach hopping stops Ian took a swim in the waves! :)

03.29.14 Sydney Alexander Ian

Here we are at the iconic Opera House in Sydney.

03.29.14 Sydney Shawna Ian

photo 5Ah selfies…

Then it was time to head to bed before we got up for the next day of touring around…

04.01.14 Pan and I

Pan greeted us at the entrance of the Botanical Garden!

04.01.14 bird

Birds…such cool looking ones.

04.01.14 Cockatoo

And Cockatoos!  In the wild. So darn COOL!04.01.14 Tiffany at the art gallery

Miss Tiffany is thinking that she likes the look of the bedroom in the painting.

04.01.14 Ian and Alexander

We spent some time in the Art Gallery.  Some fabulous paintings that were very inspirational.  Made me long to go directly to my studio….
04.01.14 Ian and bird

Ian trying to bond with the bird…but the bird knew he had nothing in his fingers.04.01.14 rose

I spent some time in the rose garden taking reference shots for painting once I get home.  I have enough flower photos to keep me painting for 3 (or more) years if I did 2 or 3 paintings a week for every single week! ;) I am going to have to improve my painting speed to keep up.

More of our adventure to come another day!  The weather is glorious, the terrain fabulous, and the company magnificent.

I hope to send off cards soon.


03.29.14 Ian and Shawna

We are enjoying seeing palm trees.

03.29.14 Ians

Alexander has done the bulk of the city driving but Ian has done a lot of highway driving getting use to driving on the other side of the road.  I am quite content to sit in the backseat and watch the world go past.

photo 3

Ian and I enjoying the amazing sunrise in Mallacoota.  We were there enjoying the surfers, watching the sunrise and marveling that we are in Australia!  ;)

photo 1

Alexander capturing the sunrise with his new 10 stop filter…he is playing with the light and water movement!  Looking forward to the photos.  I will share one here if he will let me.IMG_20140329_072509

After the sunrise we started back to our motel to pack up to get going…before we got there we found a small group of kangaroos!  Yahoo!!!! No more waiting to see them.
03.29.14 Kangaroos

03.29.14 Kangaroos1

03.29.14 Kangaroos jumpingI was so thrilled to capture one of them bounding away!  We are thinking that kangaroos are like deer in Canada…bet they love people’s gardens!

Tomorrows post will be about our time in Sydney!  What a beautiful city.

See you tomorrow.  Comment away!


03.28.14 Alexander Ian Squeaky beach

We did a bit of beach hopping as we drove from Melbourne to Mallacoota!  I have to say the Squeaky Beach had very interesting sand.  It is called silica.



03.28.14 Alexander

Alexander learning to use a new filter.  Can’t wait to see the results when we get back to his place.03.28.14 Ian03.28.14 Shawna

Interesting rock formations!

03.28.14 kangaroos

So many signs…promises promises!

03.29.14 farms

It was amazing how many cattle farmers there are here.  We saw a lot of cattle farms during our drive to Mallacoota.

We had a great day. I will post again tomorrow.  Australia is a beautiful country.  It is amazing how familiar, yet unfamiliar it is.

See you tomorrow.


We have arrived!!!!

03.27.14 here we are

Alexander was so surprised to see us there…NOT!  We were both very glad to give our oldest very big hugs!

03.27.14 St Kilda Beach

Here we are at St Kilda beach watching our first sunset in Australia.  We were so thankful after having sat for so long while traveling to be able to go for a long lovely walk!

03.24.14 Shawna and TiffanyJust before i left Alaska I got to go walking with the reindeers just outside of Fairbanks!  It was a very informative talk about reindeers and the history of them in the State.

03.24.14 JudyMy lovely friend Judy was also there. :)  As were her brother and sister-in-law

03.27.14 Tiffany picnic

Back to St. Kilda and Miss Tiffany was enjoying a picnic at the beach!

More to come! Comment away so I can send out some of these lovely cards I brought with me.  Talk to you all soon again!!!!





Congratulations to Jody who won a set of cards by making  the 50th comment!  I got the cards in the mail on Friday, so watch for a package from Fairbanks.

03.22.14 Alaskan High Kick

I put this photo on Facebook and said I would explain it.  Frances B. thought it was Inuit Games and she is right.  I am pretty sure the Candee knew what it was too… This young woman from Alaska is doing the Alaskan High Kick.  As you see she is holding one foot and she swings her other leg up to kick the seal skin ball.  What you don’t know is that she is smashing the Arctic Winter Games record by kicking to 78 inches.  She couldn’t even reach the ball to steady it with her fingers but she could kick it! Amazing.03.22.14 QuietThe crowd is completely quiet while she is getting herself set up and ready to go…here they are waiting to see if she can kick the ball when it was set at 79 inches.  She had three attempts and didn’t make it.  It was amazing to see.  It is one of my favourite sports at the games.

03.22.14 Sean and ISee the boy on the board behind me…that is my youngest when he was 12 yrs old and in Nuuk Greenland for the 2002 Arctic Winter Games.  This photo is part of a museum display about the Arctic Winter Games.  I was so surprised when I went to the opening of the display several games ago. I turned around and there was Sean!   The next games will be hosted in Nuuk too.  I am really excited about that.

03.22.14 BurkeToday is Burke’s first birthday!  Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  Granny can’t wait to give you a hug in person!  Soon.

02.22.14 ClosingHere is Miss Tiffany at the closing ceremonies for the 2014 Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks.  Hard to believe the week is done.  It was a great competition, the kids had fun and made new friends.  I got to catch up with old friends, and made some of new friends of my own.  So this is the last post from North America…next will be after we arrive in Australia.  A new continent for us!

We are now on the count for the next winner of a set of cards. Where will I mail them from?  24 more to go.  ;)


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