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09.13.14 day 13 of 30

I am teaching how to paint this tulip tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  I won’t be able to paint tomorrow but I will be back on Monday.  See you then.

Day 13 of 30 completed.

Thursday – Day 11 of 30









09.11.14 pansy

Oh I have had a frustrating number of hours.  I have tried to scan this little painting but my printer was not happy and would not work.  So it took ages to get through all the steps to finally get the contraption to work. It is now 1:40 am and I am exhausted.

This little 5×7 is the watercolour lesson at the meeting on Monday night.

Day 11 is complete.  Not sure how day 12, 13, 14 are going to go as I have a commitment.  See you later today.

Wednesday – Day 10 of 30


09.10.12 Day 10 of 30

I am on to the second iris. I have figured out which brush works best for the larger petals.  I am using my brush that is a blend of sable and synthetic to lay down the water and the paint.  I usually use synthetic brushes which don’t hold a lot of water but keeps their point quite nicely.  But I can’t move fast enough which means the paint becomes streaky because the area is drying too quickly. I am so glad I thought to try the other type of brush.

   There is more work to do on it but I am tired.   I am nearly 1/2 way through this large painting.

Day 10 is complete!  See you tomorrow.

Tuesday – Day 9 of 30


09.09.14 Day 9 of 30

So sometimes I am brilliant (sometimes).  This painting is large and I work on 140 lb paper which needs to be stretched on plywood.  I work with 140 lb paper because it dries faster than 300 lb paper (which I wouldn’t have to stretch) in my cooler basement studio.  But the weight of the plywood is getting to be very challenging.  So I put a wooden lazy susan under the board and wow I can rotate and work on different areas in a far more comfortable way.  Geez I wish I had thought about this ages  and ages ago.  :)

The iris is coming along.  Sometimes when I paint I can’t tell that the painting is coming along until I look at a smaller image on  the computer.  I am pleased with how it is progressing.

Day 9 complete!  See you tomorrow.

Monday – Day 8 of 30

35409.08.14 Day 8 of 30

I am using a different black than I usually use. My usual black I mix from two transparent colours of alizarin and pthalo green (red shade) which is rich and lovely.  I don’t have enough pthalo green right now so I had to switch to using a black that comes directly from a tube and  is opaque.   It is interesting to see the difference.  I ordered more pthalo green and it will be here soon.

Day 8 completed.  It is slow going with lots of thinking.

Sunday – Day 7 of 30


09.07.14 Day 7 of 30

There are times when you know it is time to walk away and let the piece dry!  I hit that tonight.  If I fussed any more on the large petal I totally would have ruined the painting…sigh.  So I will let it dry tonight and I will dry it with the hair blower in the morning and then I will attempt to lay paint on without moving it around too much and see how that goes.  I am pretty sure I can fix this problem. Though I might just move on and leave it for several days so the paint has time to settle into the paper!  Working larger with the furnace on is a bit of a challenge.  Now to get use to the furnace being on again. :)

Day 7 accomplished!


09.06.14 Day 6 of 30

I have been painting floral images from Australia, Winnipeg and this painting is from the Edmonton area!   Today my oldest son sent spring flower images from Australia.  I wish I could just be transported over with my camera!  I did take some photos today around Yellowknife before the first frost hits.  I found some great pansies over by Staples and beautiful tiger lilies from Janice’s garden. I can never have enough reference photos!!!!

I have started the flower!  I am sure the leaves will need another layer…but first I have to get one petal done so I have something to compare it to. Everything is a comparison when I am painting.  Is it warmer or cooler?  Is it lighter or darker?  So when I get the petal completed then I will be able to compare other parts of the painting. :)

I am nearly finished getting my studio back in order.  Tomorrow I shall be back in there painting!

Day 6 is completed!


Friday – Day 5 of 30


I spent the morning drawing out my next painting.  I transferred it and started painting.

09.05.14 Day 5 of 30

Not a bad start.  This one will be 15 x 22 inches when it is complete. It is my second large painting for Dreaming of Colour.

Day 5 is complete and it is time to head off to bed.  I  now have a scanner/printer again. I am pleased with that.  Today I saw the first leaves begin to fall!  Winter is approaching quickly now.

See you tomorrow.


Well today was a productive day.  My DH did some renovations in my studio; fixing a wall, new flooring and freshened up the paint on the walls…so I finally made time to sort out my art library.  Now my studio is 1/2 way for me to be able to work down there again.  I will be glad to get down there and to clear the dining room table…for a few days at least.  :)

So I completed this painting tonight. I haven’t named it yet.  Any suggestions?

09.04.14 Day 4 of 30

This painting will be displayed and available at Dreaming In Colour Show and Sale.

I really wasn’t sure I was going to display the whole painting because keeping work from being shown before the show means that there is a greater impact when folks see the work for the first time.  When one has seen work on internet it is easy to think “Oh I’ve seen that” and then not really take the time to actually look at the piece.  I know that this happens because it has happened to me.  I had seen quilts on line for a long time and then I was at a amazing quilt show I had to literally stop my eyes from skittering past. I had to remind myself that though I had seen it on the computer that there is a much bigger impact when standing in front of the work and seeing it in person.

So I may not post all the finished pieces this month.  I am feeling very conflicted about doing so.   I will see where I am when the next piece is completed.

See you tomorrow.


Well today got consumed with preparations for the second Community Organizations Info night that the City hosted.  Last year was the first time and there wasn’t many people.  This year we were more prepared and so was the citizenry of Yellowknife!  We had a lot of great folks stop by and take the info and engage with Joyce and I.

09.03.14 Joyce and I

We got to tell folks about how fun our group is and all the things we do from meetings with painting lessons, painting saturday, drawing around town during the summer and our next teacher Gerry Thompson from BC!  It was a good evening.

But I didn’t get to do much painting today…I finished a few more petals. Tomorrow will be back to normal!
09.03.14 Day 3 of 30

I also got to chat about the classes I will be teaching in January.  There are only 4 spaces left for Drawing 1.  :)

See you on Day 4!


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