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T minus 7 days


10.17.14 -7 days

This photo is of the beginning of doing the bark of the magnolias.  I had so much FUN doing the bark.  I loved the variations in it. :)  Definitely wish we had magnolias here in Yellowknife.

Today I got the last of my largest pieces completed for the show and down to the scanners!  Now on to 5×7’s for the next two days.  I learned something interesting that it is great to do two similar paintings side by side on one piece of paper and then cut them apart. The background matches and the colour/values are similar too since I can look from one to the other to ensure that it goes together.  I am loving the lazy susan because it makes it so easy to move from one side to the other.

Maybe I will see you tomorrow but most likely I won’t post until Friday or Saturday!  I will do a video again like I did last year.

Have a wonderful week.  Yahoo the sale is near.


I am back from a fantastic thanksgiving weekend with my son and his family.  I just played with my grandson and we ate yummy food and we laughed and just had a great time!  :)  I actually didn’t even think about the sale at all.  Such a great brain/body break.

Today I took the three of them to the airport, gave them a hug and came back home to get myself sorted out and back to painting.  Here is a bit of what I was working on.

10.15.14 Ten Days left

Sorry about the quality of the photo.  I hadn’t realized it was so blurry but, I am on to the magnolias.  Working on this painting does take me back to Vancouver in April!  I can’t wait to see how the two paintings look when they are completed and framed.  I will be framing them up early next week. I am working hard not to feel total panic about how little time is left for painting.  So much to do but  it will be alright in the end…for if it isn’t,then it can’t be the end!    (Do you know what movie that phrase is from?)

See you again tomorrow night.


A while ago I was asked to do a talk at the YK Quilters guild.  I covered the early history of the quilters guild.

10.09.14 First quilt ever

I showed work over the years.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had pulling out all my quilts. Some I forgot I had even made.  It was a FUN day!  :)  This is my very very first quilt!  I made it for my son Sean!
10.09.14 Last quilt of the evening


This piece I painted in 2011 but still need to quilt!  :)  I spend more time painting watercolour than quilting these days.
10.09.14 Shawna and LindaThe fun thing that was there were old photos and you could take them home.  So here is a photo of one of my favouritest women, Linda Kallos and me in about 2002.   Seems like a million years ago.

It was a fun evening.  And at the 19 minute mark my phone alarm went off and I apologized that I wasn’t done but I moved it along quickly enough to finish 10 minutes later.  I even did a demo…haven’t done that in quilting more years that I can remember!  It was a fun evening.



10.08.14 Day 38

Working on backgrounds today.  I think that I will have another two layers before this one is where I want it to be.  The pansies are completed but the background is just on layer two of 4!

The invites for my show are completed and ready to be mailed out in the morning. Frames that I ordered arrived!  I received a notice that my cards are on the way.

Day 38 is over.  Off to bed for this tired artist.

Tuesday – Day 37



I got all the pansies completed and I am happy with them.  Tomorrow I will start working on the background.

There is only 3 spaces left in my Drawing 1 course.  I had fun getting into my drawing books and creating a range of posters to put up around town to see if I can get this class filled!  :)

Day 37 was busy and it is done…

Monday – Day 36


10.06.14 day 36

Building the pansies up a bit at a time.  I spent a lot of the day at the computer.  There are so many tasks to do as I get prepared for the Show.  I have to say I seriously would LOVE a CLONE!  So if anyone has an idea on how I can get one, please let me know!!!  Though I can’t imagine living with another me in the house…I bet Ian can’t imagine it either.  :)

Tomorrow I am staying away from the computer completely!  I have paintings to get finished!!!!

So with that I can say Day 36 is done!!!


10.05.14 Day 35

Today I spent time doing little fussy corrections on the orange flower, it is squared off and put away!  And I got the next two 11x14s paintings prepped so I can work on the background tomorrow. :)  I got all the pansies first layer on.  One pansy is completed with the second one just about there!   I got more invites written up too.  It was another good day.

10.05.14 Calender

Here is a photo from last years calendar.  The calendar is 8.5 x 11 inches closed and 11×17 when it is open.  So it is a normal sized calendar.
10.05.14 Calender2

I will let you know when they arrive and I will put them on my website for purchase for $25.00 with postage (which in Canada will be 3 or 4 dollars. I will know what the postage will be exactly when I post next time.

 I think they will be here by the end of this week. :) I think they are really great this year.

Day 35 is done!

Saturday – Day 34


10.04.14 day 34

The orange flower is complete.  I am on to a new painting. I was lucky to get some great reference shots of Pansies right at the end of summer. I hope to do a larger painting in the new year from the images.    Now I am working smaller and this one is only 11×14.

I am still working on my invitations.  They go out into the post on Thursday.  Busy days in my life right now.

Day 34 completed…on to Day 35!  :)

Friday – Day 33


Oh I am getting tired!  But here is what I got done tonight after spending all day on the computer.  As a result of all the computer time I have new cards ordered, and my calendars for my Show.  I even had enough paintings to not have to use any images from last years calendar. :)  If you want one (they only got ordered today) they are 25$ plus shipping. 10.03.14 Day 33

I am getting the shadows put on.  I think it is coming along quite good.

I am off to write more of my invitations!  They will be in the mail on Thursday so when I am feeling beat, like I am right now, it is the perfect time to put on a movie as background noise and work on the invites.  I am getting so exciting about the show!

Day 33 complete!



10.02.14 Day 32 of 30

I have all the petals first coat accomplished.  Tomorrow I start the shadows on the petals!

I spent some time today learning how to put two images side by side and how to create bleed marks in photoshop.  Son #1 can do it lickty-split but he is very busy and I need to learn this for myself.  I have figured out how to do square cards for my fun 8×8 paintings I have been doing.  :)  I am very pleased indeed!  I need to get them ordered tomorrow to ensure they arrive in time.  I hope it isn’t too late.

Day 32 completed!  See you tomorrow.


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