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I have been really busy painting in preparation for my show at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre for the month of April.  Ian and I hung the show yesterday…no photos taken!    I have to say I am pretty pleased with how it looks.  I tried to leave space for the viewer to really get to look without being overwhelmed.  There are some older pieces and there are 10 brand new pieces both in watercolour and acrylic.

I continue to explore beautiful flowers and the new, never before seen acrylics are of birds!  🙂  

Claim the Sky 2, 12x12in, Acrylic

I hope you will stop by for the Opening Reception on Friday April 7 from 6 to 7:30 pm at NACC!  See you there.


dsc_0021So I have been working on a video to attach to this blog post, but my computer is 6 yrs old and has decided to be decrepit and ancient…there sadly won’t be a video until I get a new computer.  Soon (I hope).  The photo above is the first sale I had on Friday, which went to  Russell who came into the house to fix something and he also checked out the art.  He stood in front of this painting (photo below) and chuckled.  I loved his response because that is exactly how I felt while I was painting this Ice Road Batman!  It made me very happy.


My 4th annual Art Show and Sale  called “‘Luminous World’ with 60 paintings in 60 Days” is complete!  And it was amazing to see all the work I had been doing for the past 10 months up on the wall.  The new hanging system worked rather well.  As you can see in the photo below:


Each of these little paintings were done in a day (if I was lucky, most took 1 1/2 days  andsome took 2 full days) and I put them in a binder in protect plastic pages.  I continued to add to this binder until I had 60 paintings.  It is funny how 60 paintings don’t look like that much when they are in the binder, but as soon as they are framed and hanging.  Wow that is a lot of work! 🙂



I still have some 2017 calendars for sale.  If you want one you can order one here on my website. There are 4 different shipping options to choose from.  I had one person order one for Yellowknife, one for Canada, and one for International…they were all shipped and delivered to the various places!  🙂



Here are a few more photos of the “Evening with the Artist” event!dsc_0022



Thank you for checking in on me.  There has been a lot going on and so my time for blogging disappeared.  But I  have it back and will start slowly.  See you next Thursday.  Have a great week.


Zebra Shawna Lampi-Legaree DRS

Zebra, 6×6 inches, Acrylic

Here is my second painting video to

It has been a very busy week. I have been getting prepared for my Watercolour 2 class that is happening this weekend.  It is the first time to teach this class.

I am now officially an ART HERMIT! Doing these videos add another layer to my art learning.  I am working on getting the very basics figured out and then I will add complexity as I go along…like tips and tricks videos.

Have a great weekend!  See you next week.


So I have been trying to be as focused as possible.  I have one day a week that I do a lot of computer work, updating my life, organizing for classes and so forth. That day is always a very long day.  Then I am trying to have 3 to 4 days a week that I paint for 8 hours and hopefully I am getting in 4 or 5 hours in on the days that I can’t do more than that.

01.18.16 Glass of Water Shawna Lampi-Legaree

” Quenched” 11 of 100, 6×6 inches, Acrylic on board

I have a few series ideas coming through as I work.  I start with one painting that has a kernel of an idea that leads to different ideas using the same subject matter.  It is really fun to change things up and yet have a feeling that these paintings belong together.

I have already begun to prep for my show in June.  I ordered the invites and I’m just waiting for them to arrive.  My son Alexander is my graphic designer!  I appreciate having really different invitations and posters for every show and sale.

See you on Thursday.  I teach tonight, Thursday night, and Friday afternoon.  🙂  Life is hopping along.



I now have 88 1/2  painting days left…   So there you are. A little stress added to my daily routine and I am going to be one busy person for the next while trying to catch up the 11 paintings that haven’t yet been painted.  I am seeing several sets of similar themed paintings being painted at the same time!  🙂

01.03.16 1 of 100

Here is my set up.  When I was in Boston I went to an antique store and really picked up some fun shaped objects.  This brass pitcher was one of them.   01.03.16 1 of 100 finished

Unnamed, 5×7 Acrylic

I went for a walk yesterday because I was not sure that the colours that I chose to use for the pitcher were working very well.  I used a complimentary colour system of Yellow/Purple:  Cadmium Yellow Light, Dioxazine Purple and white.  They did the job but I really do think that a darker yellow would have been a better choice.

The goal on this painting was to practice the draped fabric.  It was the fabric that I found so hard to see all the slight variations when I was taking Christina’s Still life course in Boston.  So I want and need to practice. I think it turned out quite well, but there is definitely improvement needed.   I have to say that I miss the feel of oil paint but in the tiny room I am painting in it would be detrimental to my long-term health!  🙂

I plan to show some of the paintings I am doing for my 100 Paintings for 100$ Show and Sale over then next few months.  They will be varied and hopefully interesting.  I do enjoy painting the small pieces.

So here is a challenge!  Help to name this piece and receive a set of art cards from me!  You can comment below or on Facebook.

Happy Monday!  See you on Thursday.


When one works at break neck speed to pull a show together something has to give. Often it is sorting and putting stuff away. I am finally able to do that this past two days. It took me most of Friday to stop being “distracted” – which is just another way of saying procrastinating. By Saturday morning I had the mess ½ gone through.

The other thing that happens is that life was so full that there were plenty of To-Dos that got put on the back burner. So while sorting my brain is unearthing all the undone To-Dos that need my attention.

11.24.15 Getting Organized


Now I am a very visual person. I need to see items to keep them in my head. As you see above there are a lot of things I have to do now that the show has been completed. I have decided to take two stickys a day and do what is written on them.   I could spend all my time this week catching up but I am an artist after all! So I also need to paint!

11.24.15 wild rose

This little painting is a work in progress for my class on Sunday.  My father-in-law Don passed away shortly after my show was done.  So the Acrylic class that was to be a weekend class has been shortened to a one day class.  The students will be painting a flower.  I am not sure which of the two they will choose…but they will have a choice.  🙂  I just have to finish this one and paint the next one!

I will be back to my regular posting.  See you on Thursday.






Focus and Breathe!

Sometimes we have things happen to us that really show the kind of person one is.  Yesterday I dropped off the exhibition frames to have glass cut and placed in them.  The fellow asked me when I wanted the work done by.  The end of the month would be fine.  He was surprised and he said he was glad it wasn’t for the end of tomorrow.  I immediately felt stressed…man I could not be that late…no way, no how.  I like to be well ahead, just in case something happens.

Which is exactly what happened just last week when I took the finished paintings in to be scanned.  The person who does the work (and he does great job) had to leave Yellowknife in an unexpected way.  So when I called to ask how the scanning progress was going and I found out that he had left.  Then I could say that I would pick up the paintings (because I need to add new completed paintings in for scanning) and will return them next week…because I have time to do that.   No panic ensued.

10.22.15 Bit more done

Here is a sneak peek at what I have been working on today…here I am at the end of 10 painting days left…tomorrow is 9 painting days left.

Can I let you in on a secret!?! I have only been able to take a few days off from painting in the last 41 days…I am so looking forward to being able to take an evening off after my sale! Then I will be back to painting more normal hours.  That will be nice too.

Thanks for dropping in to see what I have been up to.  November 6/7 is coming along very quickly now.



…You just have to tear it up and start another painting.

10.15.15 didn't work out

I have been struggling with this painting and this afternoon I thought “Enough!”.  So I cut the painting off the board and did what I needed to do!  🙂  What a sense of relief it is when you let go of what isn’t working.  Maybe I needed more thinking time so that I could come up with a better way of approaching it. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of “thinking” time right now.  I am 16 painting days away from having to get ready for my show.

I stretched a couple more 16×20 papers so that I can do some smaller pieces.  I drew out one flower and another one is in drawing process for the smaller paintings.  And I am working on a background of a larger piece…never a dull moment in my life.

My frames arrived today!  So now i can order the glass or plexiglass for the larger paintings.  🙂 That is a tomorrow job.

It is coming together.  Slowly but surely.  See you next week sometime. Have a great weekend.


Well I have been painting, painting and painting.  I finished a large watercolour piece today…well mostly finished.  I will wait for a few days so that when I  look at it with new and rested eyes, which will help me to see what is not quite right.  09.24.15 Show piece

As I am preparing for my show I thought I would test out teaching a class at this time of the year.  The jury is out to whether I will do this again. I will see how it is afterwards.  I have 37 painting days left until my show.  I am starting to feel a bit panicky when I think about leaving my studio do to other stuff.  So I am now in shut down mode.  🙂

09.24.15 Drawing 1 class

I finished a small painting today as I will be having a small display of 6×6 and 5×7 acrylic paintings at ‘Moments of Beauty’. These paintings will cover a range of themes.  Anything that interesting to me!  You never know what that will be. 🙂

09.24.15 Seagull1

‘Seagull 1’, 6×6, acrylic

I remembered my camera when I went for a walk in the spring and caught a great photo of seagulls standing in a wee puddle on the ice on Frame Lake.  Here is 1 of 2 paintings that fit together.

See you on Monday. I hope to have more completed paintings to share a little snippet of.  Happy Fall!




2015 06 Moments of Beauty Postcard_HQ2

Save the Date!

As of today I have 44 painting days left. My 2016 calendars have arrived. I will be starting to fill out the Invitations for the “invitation only” part of the show.   I finished one of my very first square paintings! I am thrilled with how it looks.  And, I have started on the flower that is 20×30 sized painting the other day.   I am also working on some small acrylics as well.  Lots going on as I prepare for my 3rd Annual Art Show.

Time to hit the sack as my  to-do list is long!  So I best get at it. I will be coming every week to tell you what I have been up to.  Watch for updates.