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After a 6 month hiatus I started back to watercolour painting  with the little 5×7 tulip painting that I finished earlier this week.  I  just had to see if I actually remembered how to paint!  Thankfully, though I felt a bit rusty, I realized that I didn’t totally forget how and maybe its kind of  like riding a bike. 🙂

So what did I decide to do as soon as I completed the itty bitty 5×7 painting …I decided to leap into a 33x48cm (13x19in) painting of a sunflower.  It is coming along.  I am working to build up my concentration levels again.  What I am noticing after such a long break is that I have to “think” a lot more, which is slowing down my painting.  When I paint every day for hours, I flow better.   I stop having to “think” about how to mix the colours, or how to capture the nuances of the sunlight and shadows on the petals.   Also when I paint a lot I find that I can paint for 4, 5  or 6 hours without much of a break and I am not tired.    I have to say I am really looking forward to getting back to that kind of rhythm again!   Right now I seem to last 2 hours, tonight I did 2.5 hours but I am really tired at the end of the session…slowly it will get better.  So here is where I am with the sunflower.  If you are on Facebook you have been seeing daily updates as I do bit by bit.

06.05.14 Sunflower

Sorry about the quality of the photos. I  was snapping them quickly just to see how things were going.

06.05.14 Sunflower2

Value is the biggest challenge when working with yellow!  See yellow looks like it is a lighter value than other colours but often if you take a photo of the colours side-by-side and grey tone it then you can see that the yellow is close to the same value.  It is an optical illusion that yellow is lighter.  It makes working with yellow completely fun!  This painting is larger which means the centre is large enough to really have fun with.  I can’t wait to get going.  Some day I would love to do a 22×30 inch sunflower…but my patience level isn’t there yet!  😉

The days are getting lighter as we head into the summer solstice…but in true Yellowknife fashion the first week of June has been rather chilly!  The full moon will be here soon and hopefully some warmer weather will follow.  I don’t do grey gloomy weather very well.  I am a sunshine girl.  Thankfully I am painting a flower that represents sunshine…glad I am painting the sunflower!

Have a wonderful weekend.  I can’t wait to show you the final piece on Monday. See you then!



All I can say is WOW!  What an amazing amazing weekend.  The space looked fabulous.  We had an amazing turn out on Friday night and steady people on Saturday. Great sales!  Photos will follow from our photographer soon.

Here are the paintings that I completed for the show:

1041 Greeting a New Day Sunflower 02 SOLD

Greeting the New Day, 11×14, SOLD

1043 Question Mark Candle 03SOLD

How Old?, 8×10, SOLD1045 After the Bee Left SOLD

After the Bee Left, 11×14, SOLD1049 Tiger Lillies 04 SOLD

Sun Kissed, 8×10, SOLD
1050 All You Need for a Kiss 04 SOLD

All You Need for a Kiss, 5×7, SOLD1053 Nastursium 05 SOLD

Nasturtium, 5×7, SOLD1054 2 U the SunSOLD

2 U the Sun, 11×14, SOLD

1057 Monet Monet SOLD

Monet Monet, 11×14, SOLD1058 Tears of JoySOLD

Tears of Joy, 11×14, SOLD
1059 Sundrenched 05 SOLD

Sundrenched, 5×7, SOLD

1056 Nasturtiums II 05 SOLD

Nasturtium II, 8×10, SOLD1051 Hearts Hang Together1 04.11.13*

Hearts on a Line, 8×10, 150.00 Available1052 Wild Rose III 04 SOLD

Wild Rose, 5×7, SOLD1055 Just Add Cranberry Juice 05.15.13*Just Add Cranberry Juice, 8×10, 150.00 Available1027 Blossoms SOLD

Summer Sky, 8×10, SOLD

What an adventure this has been!  A year of research, planning and implementing so many ideas all came together.  And I am SMILING ear to ear!!!!!

Thank you to Hilary for helping me find a wonderful outfit and for the lovely earrings, Henri and Sharolynn for staffing the sales table on a crazy Friday night, Lynn who helped us to set up and take down, Myranda for her creative naming of some of my pieces, Alexander for the photographer and the pretty gluten free cupcakes (which were totally yummy), Cathie for the help with the Press kit and the yummy catered food for our “Evening with the Artists”,  Ian for putting up with my crazy work schedule and how I take over the whole house, and last but not least, Kevin for saying YES when I asked him if he would like to do this with me.  I have so many people in my life who cheer me on and are happy for my success.

06.10.13 Packaged up

Sunday was a glorious day!  I wrapped all the paintings and took them to their new homes.  Thank you to all those who can say they are new collectors of my work!  Your support is certainly appreciated!

See you on Thursday.  Now to sort out the crazy messy house I am left with! 😉 Wish me luck.

Remember you can win a 5×7 painting by commenting, or signing up for my blog, or signing up for my Art Newsletter.  So many options and I am out of 5×7 paintings…can’t wait to get back to painting tonight!!!!

Tuesday – Happy dancing


Oh dear I forgot to post!  How on earth did that happen?  Life has been far too busy…

02.26.13 Greeting a New Day

“Greeting a New Day”, 11×14, NFS for right now

I finally got the sunflower completed!  Which is why I am happy dancing.  It has been an interesting experience working larger during a very busy time.  After Thursday I will be done most of the items that I committed to do!  Then to focus on getting ready for a sale that will be held at the end of April or beginning of May.  Still working on a date!

We are now only days away from the end of the month. February whizzed past in light speed fashion.  So in a few days I will be giving away an original 5×7 watercolour painting and two sets of cards!   Do you have your name in yet?  To get your name in for the draw, leave a comment, sign up to follow my blog or sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter.  The more comments you make the more your name is entered!

See you on Thursday!