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This past few weeks have been very full with teaching.  I have completed 2 of the three foundation classes: Acrylic 1 and Watercolour 1.  This weekend I complete the last foundation class Drawing 1.  I am finding that the teaching space is far more comfortable!


I have mentioned that our house has experienced the death/rebirth cycle!   We are finally feeling settled in our space. There are still boxes that need to be gone through,  one box that seems to have disappeared…but for the most part we are settled. What a long time it takes to get this all done.

new photo of the room set up for the class.

In other news I finally got my video done for my Luminous World Art Show.  I took a series of videos just hours before the Opening happened on October 28, 2016 but when I went to process them my old computer wasn’t being at all cooperative.  Now that I have a new computer I was finally able to do the work to get the video together and up on YouTube.  Check it out!

Thanks for dropping by!  See you soon.


Drawing Painting postcard-small

I have been working for man, many  hours researching, practicing, creating lesson plans and getting these workshops designed!  I am really excited about teaching.  I have made postcards to put around town and I have just begun the marketing.  I am enjoying the challenge of all the work that I have been putting into getting prepared.

Join me starting in January 2015 for a series of small intimate beginner drawing and painting classes.  We will be using tried and true techniques and new method and technologies to win in learning and building confidence.  If you have never drawn or painted or maybe you have just begun to explore these mediums, then these classes are for you.

For more information check out my WORKSHOP area on my website.

Registration begins on September 1st!  More to come!

34208.11.14 Stamens


Oh the pressure is on.  It is time to FOCUS!  I have stamens that need to be finished so I can move on to another painting.  We are told patience is a virtue.  Well I am feeling very impatient with the amount of time these stamens are taking.

My husband will tell you that when I get near the end of a piece that I start to grump about what seems to be the unreasonably long time it is taking to complete the work.  It doesn’t matter if it is quilts or watercolour paintings. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel seems to create strife instead of relieve.   I generally work through it.  I somehow find the fortitude to continue until the work is completed.  But these, seemingly, millions of stamens have nearly cost me my sanity!  🙂

There is another count down happening in my life…20 days until I start my Painting 30 days in a row challenge.  I will not be doing 30 paintings in 30 days…but I shall be painting 30 days in a row.  Can’t wait to see how that impacts my watercolour work! 31 days which is 4.5 weeks.  I hope you will join me at the end of each day as I post the part of the painting I accomplished that day.

Until then I am back to finish the last of the stamens…and maybe restore my sanity!


08.04.14 First flower in quilt

One of my early quilts.  I didn’t see the nuances on the petals at all.  I just didn’t even know that they were there.

07.16.12 6x6 cherries

An early acrylic painting.  you can see that I am now noticing the variations of light and dark and how light bounces around.  That was a break through.

Each day I receive an email from youtube with suggested video selections. Some are interesting, some I never look at and some provide some thought provoking ideas.

I watched part of a video this morning that talked about the “Curse of an Artist”. I can’t say I agreed with some of the premises but I do think that they had some interesting points.

The premise is that when we first start creating art we are really excited and each time we  finish a piece we feel we are learning. I know personally I wanted to show off what I had done because I was so pleased that I was able to carve out time in a very busy life to  follow my dreams. But as artists become more skilled I feel that we grow less satisfied with our most recent work.  We only see the imperfections.  I bet you have heard an artist say “but it isn’t perfect…”  That is often the beginning of listing what we see as our imperfect rendering.

So lets unpick that. Personally when I return to those early works I do kind of cringe at the beginner skill level. But I don’t feel like I would ever want to change the excitement I felt in those early days. It is what kept me returning back to do the work. We need to feel excited, stimulated and successful. That is what encourages us to  remain focused on the learning. It is an integral part to growing to be a better artist.

It didn’t take long after beginning to begin to realize that there are flaws in my works. Every piece has them. Something that didn’t turnout like what I “perfectly” envisioned in my mind. I don’t see that as a curse. In fact I see that as showing how much I have learned and that I need to learn more, becoming increasingly more proficient and skilled along the way. I see it as part of the challenge of being an artist.

But here could be the “curse” problem.  We dismiss, we denigrate the work we have finished, we dishonour our humanity with disappointment.  I listened to the interview and what I heard was a man you said he “hated” a painting that he did which was hanging on the wall behind him at someone else’s home who obviously loves the painting that he created.  To me that was sad.

Now here is how I deal with that feeling I have when the work isn’t perfect. There is a feeling of disappointment that I have in myself for those imperfections. So these days when I finish a piece I immediately put the piece away for a bit of time. Right away I begin the next piece which moves me forward with the skills I learned from the last piece. This way I am always moving forward.

After awhile, be it days or weeks, I bring the hidden art out and much to my surprise I can be more gentle with the piece and with myself. I see the work with new eyes asking the all important question “How did it turn out?”. That simple question redirects my mind into looking at what worked out and what parts of the work were successful. I rarely tell anyone what parts I struggled with because I feel that would be diminishing of my art and ultimately myself. Where is the first place we need to practice kindness…to ourselves!

Here is the video and you judge.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3p6DUh2Nqk

I would like to mention that Mark has a great set of videos if you are interested in learning to paint in oil.  He is very skilled and the information he shares is top notch!  🙂

What in your life do you need to look at differently and maybe find a way to be more gentle?


30 in 30 collage

As you might remember that couple of years ago I signed up for a Painting a Day Challenge for the month of September – 30 paintings in 30 days. I didn’t have a theme but I did create some guidelines I wanted to paint by.

This is what I wrote on September 1,2013 as I launched into this challenge:

“My perimeters for this 30 paintings in 30 days challenge is to paint from life in about 2 to 2.5 hours of time (cause I have a bunch of other important deadlines this month too) and K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). Also you will notice that there is no price on these paintings. Mostly because the thought of putting a price on them created stress that wasn’t going to be ultimately helpful. At this point as I start to work on gaining confidence with working this way it is better if I do studies.”

Three of the four went out the window…I couldn’t do these paintings in 2 or 2.5 hours! It often took me 6 or more hours. And the K.I.S.S. didn’t work because that created boring still life setups to paint and I don’t do boring well. And not putting a price on them lasted only 4 days and then I had my first enquiry and I priced them all and I sold a third of the paintings I did.

So here we are two years later and I signed up again. But this time I will be painting daily and posting the little section of the watercolour painting that I completed on that day as I prepare for Dreaming of Colour Show and Sale.

Go and check out: http://30paintingsin30days.weebly.com

It is a fabulous experience and I can’t wait to do it again.