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This past few weeks have been very full with teaching.  I have completed 2 of the three foundation classes: Acrylic 1 and Watercolour 1.  This weekend I complete the last foundation class Drawing 1.  I am finding that the teaching space is far more comfortable!


I have mentioned that our house has experienced the death/rebirth cycle!   We are finally feeling settled in our space. There are still boxes that need to be gone through,  one box that seems to have disappeared…but for the most part we are settled. What a long time it takes to get this all done.

new photo of the room set up for the class.

In other news I finally got my video done for my Luminous World Art Show.  I took a series of videos just hours before the Opening happened on October 28, 2016 but when I went to process them my old computer wasn’t being at all cooperative.  Now that I have a new computer I was finally able to do the work to get the video together and up on YouTube.  Check it out!

Thanks for dropping by!  See you soon.



Drawing Painting postcard-small

I have been working for man, many  hours researching, practicing, creating lesson plans and getting these workshops designed!  I am really excited about teaching.  I have made postcards to put around town and I have just begun the marketing.  I am enjoying the challenge of all the work that I have been putting into getting prepared.

Join me starting in January 2015 for a series of small intimate beginner drawing and painting classes.  We will be using tried and true techniques and new method and technologies to win in learning and building confidence.  If you have never drawn or painted or maybe you have just begun to explore these mediums, then these classes are for you.

For more information check out my WORKSHOP area on my website.

Registration begins on September 1st!  More to come!


We have returned from our holidays.  We drove a whopping 13,940km in 4 weeks!  Canada is a very big country. 😉   I explored Sherbrooke Quebec while my DH worked. Sherbrooke did a fabulous job hosting the Canada Summer Games.   It is a beautiful city.  Over the next few posts I will show you more of Sherbrooke.

I spent a few hours sitting in the shade drawing on Wellington Street during the first few days of being there.08.24.13 Wellington Street SherbrookeThe completed drawing.
08.24.13 wellington drawing Yellowknife Watercolour Society

Me and Miss Tiffany were trying to get acclimatized to the humidity in Quebec…so we thought a gelato would be just the right way to do that.  Tart Lemon and raspberry gelato…yummmm!

08.24.13 Miss Tiffany beating the summer heat

Our trip was about babies…we had three join our family in March and April.  So we saw Master Burke, the oldest and our grandson, at the beginning and end of our trip!

08.19.13 Burke Veroba-Legaree

Then we saw Miss Quinn, the middle born, on our way through to Quebec.

08.01.13 Quinn Johnson

And we saw the youngest of the three, Lincoln as we were heading towards home!

08.16.13 Lincoln Gascoigne

Aren’t they all darling!

I found a really interesting article on the CBC website.  Check out the Health story that has connected Art with decreases in Dementia!   Interesting isn’t it.  What do you think of the contention that Art shields the brain from some aspects of Dementia?

I can’t believe that we are nearly at the end of August.  Remember to get your name into the draw for an original 5×7 watercolour painting and for sets of cards.  We only have 5 more draws until this promotion ends!  So follow my blog, sign up for my Art Newsletter or make a comment…all three will get your name in!  😉

See you on Monday!

Tuesday – Happy dancing


Oh dear I forgot to post!  How on earth did that happen?  Life has been far too busy…

02.26.13 Greeting a New Day

“Greeting a New Day”, 11×14, NFS for right now

I finally got the sunflower completed!  Which is why I am happy dancing.  It has been an interesting experience working larger during a very busy time.  After Thursday I will be done most of the items that I committed to do!  Then to focus on getting ready for a sale that will be held at the end of April or beginning of May.  Still working on a date!

We are now only days away from the end of the month. February whizzed past in light speed fashion.  So in a few days I will be giving away an original 5×7 watercolour painting and two sets of cards!   Do you have your name in yet?  To get your name in for the draw, leave a comment, sign up to follow my blog or sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter.  The more comments you make the more your name is entered!

See you on Thursday!

Monday – Award…


I received this notice that Tim from ForesterArtist that he nominated me for Beautiful Blogger Award.  Thank you so much Tim!  My very first award.  Very cool.

So here are the questions that go with this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you

I did. But thank you again Tim!

2. Post the award image to your page

There it is!

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself

I have lived in the Far North for most of my adult life.

I have three wonderful sons, one beautiful daughter-in-law and a grandbabe on the way!

I am the tallest of my siblings (and even beat my parents) at 6 ft tall. (2 of my sons are taller than me)

I have been married to a wonderful man for over 30 yrs.

I am very self motivated and try to structure my days as much as possible.

I live where we have 20 hours of darkness in the winter, and nearly 24 hours of light in the summer.  I love both extremes.

My favourite way to spend time is in solitude painting or drawing.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers, and let them know about the nomination

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“Hanging Together”, 6″x6″, Acrylic,Click here for purchasing

Fruits of a glorious summer, 6″x6″, Acrylic, Sold

I really enjoyed the Snowbirds this July.  I think that these folks have some of the coolest jobs.  Though I am not so sure about leaping out of airplanes but I did think that the F18’s were mighty sweet!  🙂

The Anonymous Art Sale is completed and I had one piece sell.  Yahoo!

See you on Thursday…florals abound in my life and will share next time.



Last week I spent part of the afternoon outside working on the hanging apperatus for two of my journal quilts that I made in July. The weather in Yellowknife has been amazing this past week.  I hope it holds for a while longer.

The Studio Tour went rather well yesterday.  I had more than twice as many folks come than I had anticipated.  So today I thought I would  take a photo of each space in its entirety which called for the fisheye lens!  And my walls are not Dr. Suess-like. 🙂  Though that would be fun!


I hope to be back to quilting this week.

Studio C is downstairs.  I took this photo when it was dark.    My paint brushes are calling to me.  So in the morning I will get back to it!  😉

My “Happy Birthday!” cards and some paintings at now available through me or at Down to Earth Gallery here in Yellowknife

See you on Thursday.


Monday – Look what came in…


Here is the series I have been working on (intermittently due to other life happenings).  These cards will be available at the Studio Tour on Sunday and I hope to have them out in the community soon!

Tonight is the Yellowknife Watercolour Society meeting.  We are doing registration for a class and I am doing the meeting lesson “on how light falls on objects”.  I went to the grocery store and picked up a range of brightly coloured veggies and fruit.  Lots to learn but we will start at the beginning.

This week is a busy week getting ready for the Studio Tour!  I hope to have another painting completed before Sunday.

See you on Thursday.




Wow there were some amazing pieces in the CQA show last May.  The catalogue is quite nice!

Page 6…

Page 7…

Page 10…

The sun is shining today so I was out taking photos and ended up catching up with a couple of friends!  A lovely morning…but now back to work!

See you on Monday. Have a great long weekend.




I did this little drawing!  I thought these were the cutest figurines.  I put them on a little mirror…the reflections were interesting.

See you on Thursday!