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I have to say that I do adore painting!

And I also have to say that it is wonderful  to be back at it.  So below is painting I finished today.  I started this painting as a life painting exercise but the tulips started to shift and fade.  Before I started painting it I had taken some photos just in case.  I am so glad I did.

04.23.15 Tulips in Vase

Tulips in Vase, Acrylic, 8×8″ (20x20cm) Available.

I plan to teach a painting class on painting flowers later this year!  So begins the practicing. Oh you know that it is just the excuse as I would have painted these flowers anyway!  🙂

Thanks for dropping by!  See you soon.



There is nothing more gratifying to a teacher as to receive a surprise email with paintings that a student has done beyond the workshop.  So I have to commend Dorothy for taking what she learned in the Watercolour 1 class and going forward to create some fun images.  Here are a couple!  Well done Dorothy!!!  I am very impressed.  🙂


04.09.15 Dorothy Mercer Portrait

A portrait of her grandson!04.09.15 Dorothy Mercer Roxy the CatRoxy the cat painting done with watercolour paint.

Congratulations Dorothy.  This makes me smile!!!!!


04.06.15 Watercolour 1

Watercolour 1 was somewhat like Acrylic 1.  We spent time learning about colour mixing and doing lessons around light and shadow and so forth. But watercolour, as a medium, has some definite challenges and so we also learned how to “fix” up any problems that might come about during the painting process.
04.06.15 Watercolour 1classIt was a fun group. We missed Nancy the very last class.  I look forward to doing other levels of watercolour classes! 🙂

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you had a great long weekend!


It seemed the perfect thing to post for my 400th blog entry.

01.30.15 Designing Still life

I spent 5 1/2 hours on Friday setting up a range of still life vignettes around the whole table so folks would have many options!
01.30.15 Final Still life vinettesHere is the one side.  I didn’t get a proper photo of the other side.  Sad, because Pepe le Pew was on the other side on the backside of the tulips.   🙂

01.31.15 Warming up our minds2

I have structured the class so that there are 3 – 2 hour sessions of skill building, then the last class is 6 hours long.  I am sure folks were worried about how they would manage that much time but wow it was a great session.  The morning we started with a “warming up your brain” exercise.  There were two more skill building exercises before lunch.

As part of the course I make homemade soup and sandwiches and while the students were eating I transformed the table for our afternoon session.  It took about 1/2 hour to get all the still life vignettes set back up.

We spent the rest of the afternoon drawing.  First we did a musical drawing…which means you start your drawing, leave on the chair while you move to the next seat and work on someone else’s drawing.  🙂 01.31.15 Musical Drawing results1They all signed each one.  That is when folks realized that they knew each others adult children!  I thought the results were great given the challenge of it.

01.31.15 Drawing the still life1At this time of the year we are all so glad to see the sun coming back!  It lit up the table and it was interesting to try to keep up with the changing light.

01.31.15 Teacher gets to drawEven the teacher got to spend sometime drawing.

01.31.15 Lesley Caroline Pat Laurie Shawna small

It was a great day and we missed the other two participants who had life that got in the way.  I feel that I was able to convey the basics of learning to draw in a clear and not overwhelming way.  🙂 Step by step we moved along and there was a real sense of confidence when we tackled the afternoon session.

Through out this class I have never asked the students to share their work.  When a person is beginning to learn how to draw it is really important to give them the space to learn without the worry of others seeing the early works.  But I did ask at the end of the class if they would be willing to share one image of what drawing they were the most pleased with how it turned out.

So here are the drawings that they were most pleased with.

01.31.15 Drawing 1 favourite drawings

Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you have a great day!  I am off to get ready for the second session of the Acrylic 1 class. Maybe tonight I will remember to take some photos.


getting prepared for classes.  🙂  This week is filled with teaching.  Last night was the 3rd session of Drawing 1, Thursday night is the 1st session of Acrylic 1, and Saturday is the 4th and final session for Drawing 1.  I am working a lot of hours doing prep work.  It is interesting I spent a great deal of time preparing for my Drawing 1 class and found out that really I need to prep for one class and then see where we are before preparing for the next week.  So now I am doing this for Acrylic 1 as well. I have a number of exercises ready for Thursday night.  I am having such a great time teaching!

01.28.15 Complimentary colour

Today the sun shone!  I spent a really fun afternoon doing a photo shoot using beautiful sunlight, rooting through my fabric, checking to see that we could create the colours with the two paint colours and white!  Oh this is going to be fun!!!!  Ian came home and I was just a chatter box about the amazing set ups I had come up with and can’t wait to paint for the Acrylic painting class. 🙂

So I am being consistent…just not at blogging or painting for myself.  That will come soon enough.

See you soon!


On Tuesday morning early Ian changed the furniture around and put up the folding table. The rest of the day I sorted, cleaned and set up for my inaugural art class!  I was nervous but I knew everyone who was taking the class in some way so that helped.    It was a fun night.  After two hours everyone’s brains were fried.  It is hard work learning something new.

01.13.15 Laurie Pat Caroline copy

Caroline, Pat and Laurie concentrating!  It was quiet when they were all  working.

See you in a few days!



Well if you are going to do a Visioning Exercise then one needs to dress for the part…

12.01.14 Dressed to Dream

I thought I needed to dream with a tiara on!  🙂

12.01.14 PlanningI normally do my Visioning Exercise in July sitting outside in the glorious heat of summer…but this July was not one of those Julys.  It was way to smoky and yukky outside.  Finally I found the drive and made the time to do it.  I really do find it helps me to figure out where I want to go and then I can start to plan how I will get there.

So I have planned for all of 2015, and I have research to do for something in the fall of 2015 and another idea that i might do in 2016. My focus this year is to be more consistent in my production and I have envisioned  a certain number of paintings to complete by years end.  And I have tentatively planned more classes for in the fall…but first I shall see how the classes go this winter!

Now when I look at this Visioning Exercise in a year I may well find that I was too ambitious…just like in other years!  😉

I only have one space left in both the Drawing I and Acrylic I class.  I am so thrilled and can’t wait to teach in January.

See you on thursday.  I will have photos from Dreaming Of Colour!


Shawna and Jill

We are just hours away from Dreaming of Colour Art Show!  My sister Jill is arriving soon.  The space is set up! The food is mostly completed.  Let the fun begin!  I can’t wait to show all Kevin and my hard work!  🙂

 Here is a sneak peek at one of the paintings on display tonight and tomorrow.

1132 Summers Delight Shawna Lampi-Legaree

“Summers Delight”, 11×14 inches, available at Dreaming of Colour Art Show and Sale for $225 unframed.

See you later!


A while ago I was asked to do a talk at the YK Quilters guild.  I covered the early history of the quilters guild.

10.09.14 First quilt ever

I showed work over the years.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had pulling out all my quilts. Some I forgot I had even made.  It was a FUN day!  🙂  This is my very very first quilt!  I made it for my son Sean!
10.09.14 Last quilt of the evening


This piece I painted in 2011 but still need to quilt!  🙂  I spend more time painting watercolour than quilting these days.
10.09.14 Shawna and LindaThe fun thing that was there were old photos and you could take them home.  So here is a photo of one of my favouritest women, Linda Kallos and me in about 2002.   Seems like a million years ago.

It was a fun evening.  And at the 19 minute mark my phone alarm went off and I apologized that I wasn’t done but I moved it along quickly enough to finish 10 minutes later.  I even did a demo…haven’t done that in quilting more years that I can remember!  It was a fun evening.


Tuesday – Day 37



I got all the pansies completed and I am happy with them.  Tomorrow I will start working on the background.

There is only 3 spaces left in my Drawing 1 course.  I had fun getting into my drawing books and creating a range of posters to put up around town to see if I can get this class filled!  🙂

Day 37 was busy and it is done…