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It is hard to believe that it is time to register for my fall and winter Art Classes.  Where has the year gone!?! I will be teaching a range of classes that are for beginner students. There are only 6 spaces in each of the classes.  The level 1 classes filled up in a matter of 36 to 48 hours.  Make sure you get registered as early as possible. Registration opens Friday September 1st at 12:01am.  (Yes I will be up at that time getting all the links prepared to go live)

For dates, times and more information head over to my website by clicking HERE

Below are some of the classes from last year. 🙂  And to read what some of my students testimonials click HERE

Watercolour 1 & Acrylic 1

02.07.17 AC1 and WC1 Collage.jpg

Acrylic 1 in the fallAcrylic 1 Art Class Yellowknife Shawna Lampi-Legaree.jpeg

Drawing 102.11.17 Drawing 1 Collage.jpg

Drawing 2Feb 2017n Drawing 2 Collage.jpg

Acrylic 2Acrylic 2 Art Class Yellowknife Shawna Lampi-Legaree 2017.jpg

Watercolour 2

Watercolour 2 Art Class Shawna Lampi-Legaree.jpg

Open Studio Advance Classes for AcrylicOpen Studio Advance Acrylic Classes collage.jpg

I hope you will join me this winter to begin to explore your more creative side!  See you soon.



It seemed the perfect thing to post for my 400th blog entry.

01.30.15 Designing Still life

I spent 5 1/2 hours on Friday setting up a range of still life vignettes around the whole table so folks would have many options!
01.30.15 Final Still life vinettesHere is the one side.  I didn’t get a proper photo of the other side.  Sad, because Pepe le Pew was on the other side on the backside of the tulips.   🙂

01.31.15 Warming up our minds2

I have structured the class so that there are 3 – 2 hour sessions of skill building, then the last class is 6 hours long.  I am sure folks were worried about how they would manage that much time but wow it was a great session.  The morning we started with a “warming up your brain” exercise.  There were two more skill building exercises before lunch.

As part of the course I make homemade soup and sandwiches and while the students were eating I transformed the table for our afternoon session.  It took about 1/2 hour to get all the still life vignettes set back up.

We spent the rest of the afternoon drawing.  First we did a musical drawing…which means you start your drawing, leave on the chair while you move to the next seat and work on someone else’s drawing.  🙂 01.31.15 Musical Drawing results1They all signed each one.  That is when folks realized that they knew each others adult children!  I thought the results were great given the challenge of it.

01.31.15 Drawing the still life1At this time of the year we are all so glad to see the sun coming back!  It lit up the table and it was interesting to try to keep up with the changing light.

01.31.15 Teacher gets to drawEven the teacher got to spend sometime drawing.

01.31.15 Lesley Caroline Pat Laurie Shawna small

It was a great day and we missed the other two participants who had life that got in the way.  I feel that I was able to convey the basics of learning to draw in a clear and not overwhelming way.  🙂 Step by step we moved along and there was a real sense of confidence when we tackled the afternoon session.

Through out this class I have never asked the students to share their work.  When a person is beginning to learn how to draw it is really important to give them the space to learn without the worry of others seeing the early works.  But I did ask at the end of the class if they would be willing to share one image of what drawing they were the most pleased with how it turned out.

So here are the drawings that they were most pleased with.

01.31.15 Drawing 1 favourite drawings

Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you have a great day!  I am off to get ready for the second session of the Acrylic 1 class. Maybe tonight I will remember to take some photos.


So I noticed that there was a world wide Sketchcrawl scheduled for Saturday Jan 19th.  I put it out to our watercolour group (and it made it into the paper) the offer to meet to participate.  The challenge in Yellowknife is that it is minus frigging cold right now!  It was -33C with a wind chill that was -48C.  So we had to find a warm cozy inside place that had a somewhat interesting view…Javaroma was the place to go!  Only one other person joined me but we had a great time as always.  Lynn is my partner-in-drawing/watercolour.  😉  We are planning to do the next on in April.

01.19.13 Two Sketchers

Lynn looking at me thinking “She is taking yet another photo of me!”  That is what happens when you are the blogger for the watercolour group…you have to take photos at every single event.

01.19.13 lynnLynn working on his drawing.

01.19.13 Lynn's second drawing

from a photo that was posted on the wall!

01.19.13 Comparing our viewsThe two identical views….

01.19.13 Shawnas DrawingMy completed drawing.

It was a fun time.

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Thanks for dropping by!  I can’t wait to do the draw on Friday next week!  See you on Monday.

Monday – drawing


She is coming along.  I took her to Painting Saturday.  I can do this kind of work when I am visiting with friends. I love the building up of value, layer by layer.  It is so satisfying.

See you on Thursday.

Monday – drawing


After all the excitement last week I got a bit of time to work on her head piece a little further.  I am thinking that her eyes need a bit more work!  I am liking her nose and her lips and around her mouth are pretty much spot on.

See you on Thursday!

Monday – hand study


A while ago, 2007 to be exact, I spent part of an afternoon taking a range of photos of a friend and her daughter’s hands for future reference.   Hands are not the easiest to draw.  The various angles means that if something is wrong it is noticeable.

My weekend was filled with other things other than art production.

See you on Thursday!

Monday – drawing


I have her face nearly done…I think!?!  I started on her headdress.

 I spent sunday afternoon teaching the basics of watercolour painting to a young artist.  It was a very lovely afternoon!

See you on Thursday.


A little further.  Slightly photographed at a weird angle… sorry about that.

I am not sure how dark I can get my drawing to go.  So far I am feeling like the drawing is still too soft.  It will be helpful when I start to do the head dress.

See you on Monday!


I did a lot of art production this weekend compared to my regular weekends since I started back to work full-time.

A few more petals done.  I am not sure I am too thrilled with how it is turning out but maybe it is just at the “ugly” stage…  I am reserving judgement on it until I get it done.

I am learning how to do graphite drawings using Darryl Tanks’ method.  I am just in the starting phases.

Darkening it a bit more…got to work on creating greater smoothness when laying down the graphite.

See you on Thursday!


A beginning of a new drawing.  It is snowing, snowing, snowing outside and makes me feel like maybe it is time to pay attention to the next holiday that is not so far away!  So tonight I began to sketch candy canes with a fun garland draped around the glass jar.

See you on Monday!