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In April when the lakes were still covered with ice and there was a ton of snow still on the ground.

The day time temperature rose to be warm enough that I got this photo of me during my walk!05.28.16 April 18th and wearing a tshirt

This is not what I normally look like in April!  It can still be -20C.

Later that night we had the amazing thunder and lightening storm that went on for hours.  Incredible! So of course I thought I best do a painting!  It took me a while to get to be able to do it. But here it is.05.28.16 April Tempest Shawna LampiLegaree

‘April Tempest’, 6×6, Acrylic

We had a lovely visit with Burke.  Time to get ready for gardening.

05.28.2016 Burke 05.2016 Burke Grampa

See you soon.




Well I missed Thursday by a few hours.  Some weeks just get away on a person.  Here is Part 2 of the still life drawing that I did last week.  🙂

I got some exciting news yesterday. I entered into a juried show for painters and yesterday I received the email saying that my painting has been accepted.  Find it below:

Castle Dragon Shawna Lampi-Legaree sm

‘Castle Dragon’, Acrylic, 12×12 inch

This painting will be for sale at the show.   I will post the link once the show goes up at the end of May.

Thank so much for dropping by.  See you next week.  🙂


This weeks video is a narrated time lapse of drawing a daisy in a vase with a cute ceramic ptarmigan all from life. It took me 1 1/2 hours to draw this little still life.  But it works down to only 4 minutes for your viewing.  Don’t want to torture you too much. 🙂

Next week will be part 2 – the painting of this still life.

I had to purchase a new external hard drive just for the videos.  Crazy how much space they take up.  So I spent last night transferring over all my videos.  Thankfully it wasn’t too many…yet.  🙂

See you on Monday.  I hope to get ahead of these videos so that I can catch up on my blog. BTW we are suppose to be getting into the + double digits this weekend.  Yahoo!  Spring is springing and it is still April.  I hope you have a warm weekend where ever you are.



Zebra Shawna Lampi-Legaree DRS

Zebra, 6×6 inches, Acrylic

Here is my second painting video to

It has been a very busy week. I have been getting prepared for my Watercolour 2 class that is happening this weekend.  It is the first time to teach this class.

I am now officially an ART HERMIT! Doing these videos add another layer to my art learning.  I am working on getting the very basics figured out and then I will add complexity as I go along…like tips and tricks videos.

Have a great weekend!  See you next week.

45702.22.16 Tulips

‘Tulips’ (the name for now), 5×7, Acrylic

I have these fabulous black and white patterned fabric. I had fun painting them.  But i have to say that this painting took longer than I normally spend on a small piece.  I realized that I have too much happening in the piece.  So the next one I do in this little series will be slightly different.  🙂

 I am a bit behind in producing paintings.  Turns out teaching keeps me very happily busy.

02.22.16 Drawing 1.part2 copy

So I have completed the first round of winter classes!  It has been such an honour to teach my students new skills in watercolour, acrylic and drawing.  🙂  Thanks for all the fun.  I have one more Drawing 1 class at Range Lake North School on Tuesday.  Then I am off until the end of March.

Ian and I will be taking a little trip. So I will post on Thursday and if I get a chance to while we are away I will try to blog.  No promises!  There will be a lot of photos when I return.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you on Thursday.




02.15.16 Juno Shawna Lampi-Legaree

‘Juno’, 6×6″, Acrylic

I have wanted to paint faces but every time I thought about it I felt stress about it.  So I decided that I can’t go wrong practicing on statues.  So this was my first attempt.  I plan to do more just to make sure this one didn’t turn out great because of ‘beginner’s luck’.  🙂

This weekend was a hopping weekend.  I set up to teach on Friday night, taught the end of Acrylic 1 on Saturday, had an hour snooze before having to get ready to go to the Yellowknife Community Foundation Gala where we danced and ate and laughed. It was a fabulous time.  I taught again on Sunday this time the first group of Drawing 1.

02.17.16 Classes endingsm

After traveling and all the teaching I have been doing I was pretty much wiped out on Monday and Tuesday which is why my Monday post didn’t happen this week.

See you again in the next few days.


So I had a bit of a panic attack last week.  I thought “what if I run out of ideas of things to paint!?!” Which is a real concern when one decides to paint 100 little paintings.  I don’t want to do the same thing in different ways, but then I do want to do a bit of work in a series (which is doing the same thing in different ways).  🙂  So I am painting and fussing about this not having enough ideas.  Finally I decide to sit down (which I am not doing much of these days) and start to write down the ideas I have percolating away.  Shake my head…I don’t think I will run out of ideas.   The problem may be is that I have too many ideas.

01.25.16 14 of 100 Raven

“Stake Out”, 5×7, Acrylic

This week I have painted my very first raven.  I don’t know why I have never painted one before…but there you go, now I have.  I have a load of great photos from living on the 4th floor this past year.  I need to get more photos to work from though.  I think this could turn into a little series.

My painting time has become a lot less with teaching this week. I taught session 2 of Drawing 1 tonight, tomorrow I teach Acrylic 1 Session 1, Thursday and Saturday I teach session 3 and the last session 4 of  Watercolour 1, and Friday I teach at the school!  Life is hopping and I will be tired on Sunday!  🙂 The next few weeks will be very busy and then I will only be painting.

01.25.16 Drawing 1 session 2

Here are my students learning how light forms an object.  🙂

Well I will see you on Thursday.  Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.