It has been such a busy time with teaching and trying to get as much painting done as possible.  I have switched things up a bit this January.  I actually sat down and planned for the next 6 months, ideas for blog posts, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on…  One of the big changes I made was that I committed a full day each week to sitting at the computer and getting things done ahead of time as much as possible.  I think that the Wednesday computer time will start to lessen as I move beyond the teaching phase of the winter.  🙂  I  really enjoyed teaching and it is great fun to meet people who I wouldn’t cross paths with in my life here in Yellowknife.

This week I teach the 3rd (Tues) and the final (Sat) session of Acrylic 1, Sunday I teach the first group of Drawing 1 with the second part of the group coming in on Saturday the 20th.  Then I am done teaching adult art courses until April when I have two weekend classes for Watercolour and Acrylic. I continue to teach in the grade 8 class until the end of the month.  Then I will be back there from April to June!  🙂

01.2016 Course Collage

Last week Wednesday I also started to organize for classes in fall and the 2017 winter sessions.  I am just figuring out my life…more information will come later in the summer when I have my website all up to date and registration will begin on September 1st.

Thanks for stopping by!  See you on Thursday.