Well what a whirl wind my life has been. I taught 5 times last week!  How to keep one hopping!  🙂  On Saturday I finished teaching the Watercolour 1 class.  What a blast!  I really enjoy teaching in so many ways.  I get to spend time with some fabulous folks.  I get to share the information I have accumulated over the years. And I get to spread the joy of creating art.01.30.16 Watercolour 1 Lesley Peggy Erin Ruby Mellissa Susan

Thanks Lesley, Peggy, Erin, Ruby, Mellissa and Susan for being such great students.  🙂

02.01.16 Tyra painting

Tyra came to visit and I finally organized myself enough to get her some paints and her own brushes!  She was having fun learning how to mix colours.  She is as cute a button.

02.01.16 Drawing 1 session 3

Drawing 1 – session three finished tonight.  The two hours just races past so quickly.  Lots of learning and being challenged!

I forgot to take photos at the acrylic 1 class last week. I will remember tomorrow night! 🙂

So with all this teaching painting hasn’t been happening much.  I did get this one accomplished and its twin will be done in the morning.

02.01.16 Week 5 Two sides of the same coin Shawna Lampi-Legaree

“Two sides of the same coin 2”, 5×7, Acrylic

It has been fun painting this potato head!  Sometimes it is good to be playful.  It brings me such delight.

See you on Thursday.  I am just sneaking under the wire here…15 minutes until Monday is done!  🙂