I saw this really interesting documentary about an English artist named Sargy Mann. He lost his sight incrementally over a 35 year period until he was completely blind. Then he did what he had always done…he found a way to continue to paint.  He was asked to do a talk for T.E.D Talks but sadly he didn’t live long enough.  His son Peter did a recent video, as a result of the TED Talks invitation, that you can watch HERE! .

The video below is from 2006 just as Mr Mann was figuring out how to live and continue to work without his sight.

Did you hear the part where Mr Mann mentions that he has found he is willing to paint subjects that he wouldn’t have done when he was sighted.  There was something liberating about this predicament he found himself in over the years.  I found that really fascinating.

Some people are truly resilient and Mr Mann was definitely optimizes resiliency.  This set of videos is so inspirational.   It is a reminder that even when life is not easy there are ways to continue to paint and to express one’s experience.

I also found watching him work through his painting of two people looking out to the ocean completely  amazing.  He changed the sky colour a number of times, making it lighter and so on.

01.12.16 Sargy Mann Painting

Here is a still from the video.  I don’t think it is the final iteration of the painting.

This week I begin teaching Watercolour 1.  I spent Tuesday getting all the watercolour paper cut and lined in preparation for tonight. There was about 4 hours of prep time for tonights class.   I am looking forward to teaching.  This afternoon I head over to the school to do session #2 of the Drawing 1 course.  It is a busy day.

Thank you so much for dropping by, see you on Monday when I will be prepping to begin to teach Drawing 1 that night!  January and February are going to be a lot of fun!