I now have 88 1/2  painting days left…   So there you are. A little stress added to my daily routine and I am going to be one busy person for the next while trying to catch up the 11 paintings that haven’t yet been painted.  I am seeing several sets of similar themed paintings being painted at the same time!  🙂

01.03.16 1 of 100

Here is my set up.  When I was in Boston I went to an antique store and really picked up some fun shaped objects.  This brass pitcher was one of them.   01.03.16 1 of 100 finished

Unnamed, 5×7 Acrylic

I went for a walk yesterday because I was not sure that the colours that I chose to use for the pitcher were working very well.  I used a complimentary colour system of Yellow/Purple:  Cadmium Yellow Light, Dioxazine Purple and white.  They did the job but I really do think that a darker yellow would have been a better choice.

The goal on this painting was to practice the draped fabric.  It was the fabric that I found so hard to see all the slight variations when I was taking Christina’s Still life course in Boston.  So I want and need to practice. I think it turned out quite well, but there is definitely improvement needed.   I have to say that I miss the feel of oil paint but in the tiny room I am painting in it would be detrimental to my long-term health!  🙂

I plan to show some of the paintings I am doing for my 100 Paintings for 100$ Show and Sale over then next few months.  They will be varied and hopefully interesting.  I do enjoy painting the small pieces.

So here is a challenge!  Help to name this piece and receive a set of art cards from me!  You can comment below or on Facebook.

Happy Monday!  See you on Thursday.