Well hello again!  Long time, no see. How is it that December always seems to get away on me!?!  I hope everyone had a great month while I was away.

We traveled to Edmonton / Fort Saskatchewan for the holidays. 01.01.16 on the road

We drove down this year.  We were late getting out of Yellowknife so the sun was setting before we got to Fort Providence, which is only 3 hours driving from Yellowknife.

01.01.16 Crossing the bridgeWe have had a very warm winter so far, this photo shows the mist still rising off the still open Mackenzie river.

01.01.16 Family Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas with Stephen, Cindy, Burke and Sean who all live in Alberta.  We missed Alexander and Tyson! 
01.01.16 Burke and Granny

I had a great time with Burke.  We read books, cuddled because he was sick, and he is a total delight.

This past year has a fair amount of ups and downs.  I haven’t really even mentioned the major down we had.  Last February we had an oil leak that required us to move out of our house in just a few days.

01.01.16 the last load

Moving that fast is not the most relaxed experience. Actually the whole experience has not be a relaxed-have-fun kind of experience at all.


01.01.16 July house destruction,jpg

Then a number of months later our house was demolished to remediate the site.  Things with insurance always takes a long time so it was July before the house was taken down and the soil remediated.

01.01.16 We got a PermitIt was nearly 10 months before we got a building permit!  So this is what it looked like when we left for our holidays.

So I can say very clearly that I am glad to see the back side of 2015.  It hasn’t been one of the best years I have lived through.  We miss Miss Meredith and Don (Ian’s Dad) a lot.

Even with the difficulties we had, I did pull of my annual art show and sale!  We had some fun trips through out the year and we had plenty to be thankful for!

May your 2016 be a wondrous adventure!

See you on Monday.