I was invited by Open Sky Creative Society to teach my Drawing 1 class in Fort Simpson this past weekend.

12.07.15 Fort Simpson 2

It was a great weekend spent with some fabulous people! I had a fun time sharing my drawing knowledge with this eager group of students.

12.07.15 Fort Simpson4

This is a very busy class…I teach one step at a time, each exercise builds from the last and adds more information.  I do keep them moving!

12.07.15 Fort Simpson students

Then we get to the final 3 hours and it is all about using the skills we have learned and just drawing! The room was filled with quiet concentration.  12.07.15 Fort Simpson ColinI was so amazed at the final drawings that everyone created.

12.07.15 Fort Simpson 5

I asked which drawing did they feel most pleased with.  Unfortunately I only had my cell phone and didn’t get the best photo. I always enjoy seeing which drawing that the students choose to share. Some decided to share their final drawing, but one found the lesson about lost edges to be the one that she learned the most from. 🙂

I haven’t taught this class over a weekend before, so it was very interesting to see how the hours flowed.  We were able to cover an expanded range of drawings because everyone was in motion already.  We even stopped 1/2 way through a lesson to take our lunch break and then we found it easy to swing back into the course work.  It was really interesting.

I would like to thank the Open Sky Creative Society for inviting me!  It was a fabulous busy weekend…and I am just a little tired today.  And I’m finished teaching for 2015. And I am back to painting for this week before I have to prep for Christmas!

See you on Thursday for Artist’s Corner.