12.03.15 Mary Pratt NAG in Ottawa


This is one of my favourite paintings done by Mary Pratt.  I love the reflective quality of the tinfoil.  Ms. Pratt had a display at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.  It was wonderful.

12.03.15 Mary Pratt

I spent a long time looking at her paintings.  Painting red is not as easy as it looks and she does paint luscious reds.  I hope to someday do such luminous works.12.03.15 Mary Pratt Jam Jars

I think someday I might have to create my own take on a Mary Pratt jar painting.  She is so inspirational.  Her work makes my heart beat faster.  🙂

I am off tomorrow to teach a drawing class.  I have everything organized and ready to go. Just have to head to the grocery store to bring some fresh produce because their ice road is not in and if the weather continues to be so warm it may not be in until January.  I have to say I am longing for -25C weather.  I am missing the sunshine.

See you on Monday.