11.30.15 Acrylic 1

I teach a beginner acrylic painting class which is uniquely called “Acrylic 1 ~ the beginning”. LOL

 In this class I teach a range of skills including as much info about paint, the magic of colour mixing, value and how light and shadow affect objects.  11.30.15 Acrylic 1a

Each skill is taught as a step by step process all leading to the last lesson when they do a full painting.  I love to see the smiles at the end of the course when the students are thrilled with their completed paintings.

11.28.15 Acrylic 1 Shawna Marie Pam Alice Robyn Marianne

On Sunday I taught a 1 day class where we painted a flower – I thought the northern wild rose would be a perfect place to start.  The students who took this class have completed Acrylic 1 and so are ready to expand their painting knowledge.

11.30.15 Acrylic Flowers

It was a fun weekend filled with fabulous people. I so enjoy teaching and watching the smiles.

11.29.15 Shawna Pam Lesley painting flowers

And boy the days just goes past so darn fast!

Happy Monday!  I am off to Fort Simpson to teach a drawing class this coming weekend.  That will be my last class of 2015.

See you on Thursday!