This summer when I was in Toronto I spent a fair amount of time at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

11.30.15 AGO Toronto in July

Painting the Americas show was very interesting.  What I explored in this show was how the artists used light when they painted the landscape.  The focus for a long time to was to highlight with “light” what you wanted the audience to see first.  I found it fascinating that they would choose to darken areas like they were in shadow but then the sky showed that the sun was shining.  It is a very different way to experience the landscape.

11.26.15 AGO in July2

One of the rooms I like in the AGO is the “Salon” style room.  I imagine the old art shows in Paris and all the artists vying for the best hanging spot.  The new or not as well recieved artists getting “skyed” (which meant your painting was up very high on the wall), the more established artists getting the best middle space on the wall.  There is so much to see in this room. I often wish that I could get a ladder to go up high and explore the amazing works.

11.26.15 AGO in July

The shear variety in this room is fun too.  So much to see and to explore just in this one room, let alone the rest of the marvellous Art Gallery.

I also have fun watching other people interact with the art.  Some are darters – quickly taking photos and moving on, some are studiers – taking time to really look at the painting, the strokes, the way the artist handled the subject matter, and some just are passer-bys – the ones who maybe come very regularly to wander but don’t really focus on any one thing.  I bet you can guess which kind of person I am! 🙂

I sent out my Art Newsletter last night doing a report about my art show. I had this painting sell today!

13.1169 Butterfly1sm

Butterfly 1, 5×7 inches, Acrylic, SOLD

I had a lovely time bringing the painting to my newest collector! This makes my heart smile.

See you again on Monday.