When one works at break neck speed to pull a show together something has to give. Often it is sorting and putting stuff away. I am finally able to do that this past two days. It took me most of Friday to stop being “distracted” – which is just another way of saying procrastinating. By Saturday morning I had the mess ½ gone through.

The other thing that happens is that life was so full that there were plenty of To-Dos that got put on the back burner. So while sorting my brain is unearthing all the undone To-Dos that need my attention.

11.24.15 Getting Organized


Now I am a very visual person. I need to see items to keep them in my head. As you see above there are a lot of things I have to do now that the show has been completed. I have decided to take two stickys a day and do what is written on them.   I could spend all my time this week catching up but I am an artist after all! So I also need to paint!

11.24.15 wild rose

This little painting is a work in progress for my class on Sunday.  My father-in-law Don passed away shortly after my show was done.  So the Acrylic class that was to be a weekend class has been shortened to a one day class.  The students will be painting a flower.  I am not sure which of the two they will choose…but they will have a choice.  🙂  I just have to finish this one and paint the next one!

I will be back to my regular posting.  See you on Thursday.