Focus and Breathe!

Sometimes we have things happen to us that really show the kind of person one is.  Yesterday I dropped off the exhibition frames to have glass cut and placed in them.  The fellow asked me when I wanted the work done by.  The end of the month would be fine.  He was surprised and he said he was glad it wasn’t for the end of tomorrow.  I immediately felt stressed…man I could not be that late…no way, no how.  I like to be well ahead, just in case something happens.

Which is exactly what happened just last week when I took the finished paintings in to be scanned.  The person who does the work (and he does great job) had to leave Yellowknife in an unexpected way.  So when I called to ask how the scanning progress was going and I found out that he had left.  Then I could say that I would pick up the paintings (because I need to add new completed paintings in for scanning) and will return them next week…because I have time to do that.   No panic ensued.

10.22.15 Bit more done

Here is a sneak peek at what I have been working on today…here I am at the end of 10 painting days left…tomorrow is 9 painting days left.

Can I let you in on a secret!?! I have only been able to take a few days off from painting in the last 41 days…I am so looking forward to being able to take an evening off after my sale! Then I will be back to painting more normal hours.  That will be nice too.

Thanks for dropping in to see what I have been up to.  November 6/7 is coming along very quickly now.