…You just have to tear it up and start another painting.

10.15.15 didn't work out

I have been struggling with this painting and this afternoon I thought “Enough!”.  So I cut the painting off the board and did what I needed to do!  🙂  What a sense of relief it is when you let go of what isn’t working.  Maybe I needed more thinking time so that I could come up with a better way of approaching it. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of “thinking” time right now.  I am 16 painting days away from having to get ready for my show.

I stretched a couple more 16×20 papers so that I can do some smaller pieces.  I drew out one flower and another one is in drawing process for the smaller paintings.  And I am working on a background of a larger piece…never a dull moment in my life.

My frames arrived today!  So now i can order the glass or plexiglass for the larger paintings.  🙂 That is a tomorrow job.

It is coming together.  Slowly but surely.  See you next week sometime. Have a great weekend.