So on the very first day after I arrived in Boston I first found where I was going to be at for my course and the second thing I did was I took a Freedom Trail walking tour.  We started in the Boston Common area and ended at Faneuil Hall.

09.14.15 Touring Boston

I loved that the tour guide was in period costume and persona!  I think her tour guide name was Elizabeth or maybe it was Catherine.

09.14.15 Touring Boston2

We learned about the State house, we went to the Granary Burying Ground where there were some of the revolutionary movers and shakers were buried and/or honoured with a statue.

09.14.15 Touring Boston3

John Hancock has a marker here but I forget if he is buried here.  What I do know is that we say in Canada “Put your John Hancock here” meaning that we want you to sign this document.   🙂 It was interesting to learn about the rivalry between John Hancock and George Washington.

09.14.15 Touring Boston 4

This is the Old State House.  I loved the Unicorn and the lion.  Though now after all this time I don’t remember what their significance is.  I should have taken notes!

As a Canadian it was so interesting to listen to how the events that happened around 1773 are being retold over and over again to fellow travellers from the US and around the world.  I would highly recommend taking this walking tour.

There are 45 Painting Days left as I prepare for my “Beauty in Moments” show in November….Thanks for dropping by!