Ian is at his Arctic Winter Games meetings right now. I have returned from a short trip with him.  🙂  Where were we?

09.07.15 Reykjavik 1

I will give you a hint.  It is green but has ice in it’s name.

09.08.15 Geysor2

The name for this comes from this place…09.08.15 Iceland2

There is lots of rain! 09.08.15 Tectonic Plates2

The North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet here09.10.15 Glacier life

Life finds a way to live in even the most difficult place…notice the black rock near the top of the photo.

09.10.15 Glacier2

This country has quite a number of glaciers…
09.10.15 Iceland1

I think mist is seen here more often than sunshine.
09.10.15 Iceland2 copy

The black in the landscape is everywhere.
09.09.15 Iceland

Can you guess where I have been?  🙂