This summer was filled with art.  I loved the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I went back there a number of times.

09.10.15 Art Inspiration

“Jar of Apricots (Le vocal d’abricots)” by Jean-Simeon Chardin 1758

I found this wonderful still life painting.  There are not many still life paintings the art museums and you know how I love painting still lifes. As a result of the rarity of old master still life paintings I ended up spending a fair amount of time just looking at how he dealt with the various elements in this painting.   I know how long it takes me to place just a few items in a still life…I wonder how long he spend designing this so that it would be interesting enough to paint. Another challenge he had was that he had to do it all from life.  The bread would have just become hard but the lemon would have changed as time went on. I assume he would have also only painted this during the daylight hours which adds another constraint on how fast he got it done.

The write up for this painting:

“Here, we see a refreshing moment of pause, with steaming tea, bread, preserves, fruit and another treat – sugar- in a blue cone-shaped package to the right.  Many of these delicacies came from far away: apricots from the south of France, tea from Asia, and sugar from the Armericas.  The cups were inspired by Japanese Kakiemon porcelain and made in nearby Chantilly.”

Think of the cost of purchasing items that came from so far away.  We don’t even bat an eye when we see that our fresh fruit comes from the other side of the world.

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