So today I thought I would share some of the other student’s work!  It was AMAZING!

09.10.15 ARA Boston Amys half way
09.10.15 ARA Boston Amys

Amy working on her piece and where she was on the last day.09.10.15 ARA Boston Barb Beginning

09.10.15 ARA Boston Barbs

Barb early on in her piece and this is where she was on Friday.09.10.15 ARA Boston Frank Start

09.10.15 ARA Boston Franks

Frank just beginning to lay the first background coat and then what his piece looked liked on Friday…I think her nearly had it completed.

09.10.15 ARA Boston Robins beginning

09.10.15 ARA Boston Robin2

Robin, who I shared the still life with, working on her painting.   She really captured the scuffing on the tea pot much better than I did.  I was impressed!  09.10.15 ARA Boston Sandra beginning

09.10.15 ARA Boston Sandras

Sandra carefully putting on the beginning of the black background…and her piece that looks like it is nearly done but really is at 80%. It is the final details that make the painting sing.
09.10.15 ARA Boston Siri beginning

09.10.15 ARA Boston Siri'sSiri at the start of her painting. Siri brought in the paintings she did from the other times she has taken Christina’s course. They were so inspirational!

09.10.15 ARA Boston Davids painting

David traveled 2 hours each way to come to this class. He really did well with the first painting of the fabric.  🙂

09.10.15 ARA Boston Student

I love the grapes!
09.10.15 ARA Boston Student2

Here are two of the other students…and I am very sorry but I don’t remember their names.

09.10.15 ARA Boston Christina

Last, but certainly not least, is Christina our intrepid teacher!  Of course she didn’t get to spend very much time painting but her first painting of the painting was amazing!

All the students, except me and Christina,  were local and all traveled back and forth and some of them were working at the same time.  Such dedication is very inspiring to witness.  Thank you all for such a special time.

Thanks for dropping by!  I hope you had a great long weekend.  Happy Labour Day!