This week has been about getting back to work. I spent all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday downloading images, preparing for my Drawing 1 course that starts in the middle of September, taking registration for the Acrylic 1 class,  getting my website sorted for my 2016 Winter classes, writing up my bio for two different kind of projects… on and on and on. 🙂

But lets go back in time… though I have to say that it is amazing how long it feels since I returned.

I arrived in Boston on Saturday evening which gave me Sunday to find where the Academy of Realist Art (ARA) in Boston was and a few other things – more on that in another post!

Monday I arrived just on time, very excited and rather nervous…just like any first day of school especially when one is the new kid! (Today is the first day of school for the kids in Yellowknife)

We got right down to talking about what Christina would be teaching us and we got our numbers and upstairs we went! Christina had done beautiful set ups, the ones taking the class for the first time had white fabric, those who have taken this class more than one time got a beautiful red fabric!  I called that group “The Red Brigade”.  Someday I hope to join them! 🙂

08.27.15 ARA Boston Shawna LampiLegaree3

This process is slow, careful and very methodical at each stage. The first stage is creating a drawing that is very accurate. Here is my drawing at the end of the first day. I was so tired that I went back to the b&b had a picnic supper and laid on the couch without moving for the whole evening! 🙂

08.27.15 ARA Boston Day 1 Shawna LampiLegaree

End of Day 1

When I got in for Day 2 I decided that i just needed to get the drawing going so I put in lines so that I would be able to measure from something.  Hard to do that without some idea of where one is going.  What I discovered was that one might not want a carpet on the floor because I put a line down and then I would step back 4 or so steps and “click in”. Back and forth, back and forth we all went!  We would have worn a hole in the carpet if there had been one.  I am surprised that the floors don’t have grooves from the pacing back and forth! I must have walked 3 km each day just walking back and forth.

08.27.15 ARA Boston Shawna LampiLegaree2End of Day 2


Day 3 and I am doing the final tweaks of the drawing still.  I get to the point where I can transfer the drawing onto the board that we put the campiturra layer on Day 1.  Campiturra is toning the board to a medium value with raw umber thinned with mineral spirits.

08.27.15 ARA Boston Shawna LampiLegaree4

End of Day 3

Day 4 & 5 was filled with starting to do colour mixing and matching what we were seeing in front of us.  We got these simple isolation cards which allowed us to only see the colour on the still life set up and the bit of paint that we put on the board to see if we had gotten the colour matched.  Well I was surprised at the colours in the cloth.  Amazing how those little squares of grey with a small hole punched out could clearly help with colour mixing.  So I  Dead Painted over the next two days.

Each morning we had to do a value string of paint with three of our colours and mixing one from black and raw umber.  I forgot to take a photo of my palette.  It was so pretty! Here is what it would have looked like each day.  Below is Christina’s palette that she uses all the time.

08.27.15 ARA Boston Shawna LampiLegaree4a

I was mixing the green for the pears when Christina came over and we talked about how I got to the green.  She had a very different way to doing it so since I was in her universe I watched in amazement!  Very very cool.  The Dead Painting was about blocking colours in a simple way but ensuring that the underlying value is correct.  It makes the First painting stage easier if the values are close to correct! 08.27.15 ARA Boston Shawna LampiLegaree5

End of Day 5 and its the weekend!

The weekend allowed the paint to dry so when we came back on Monday we could start the first painting.  I was off to check out Boston and the surrounding area!

I think I will end here because this post is almost as long as a novel.  I will finish the post about my experience on Monday.  Have a great weekend.

One last thing…tomorrow Meredith will have been gone for a month.  How is it that time seems to go faster when really we all want it to stop!?!Meredith Ivall Shawna and Paige Ivall Gascoigne

Here is a photo when we visited while she was doing her treatments in 2012 and I did her nails. It was a fabulous visit!!!

I miss you sweetheart.