It has been a very sad time in our family.  Two weeks ago today our dear niece Meredith passed away as a result of the return of the cancer she had been in remission for the past 2.5 years.

Sean Legaree and Meredith Ivall

Sean and Meredith were born in the same month.

Meredith Ivall Paige and LoreneMeredith with her Mom Lorene and big sister Paige
08.12.13 Meredith Ivall and Ian
08.12.13 Meredith Ivall and me

Over the years, every time we were in the neighbourhood, we would make sure we stopped by for a visit.  Our last visit  was on July 6 just weeks after the cancer had returned.  She was feeling pretty good on that day.  I wish I could have captured when her and her Mom were laughing at something her step-Dad said.  The joy in her eyes at that moment is what I remember.

Meredith we will miss you forever!  You are in our hearts!!!!