I know I am a little late with this newsflash.  I waited until I got a little painting accomplished before blogging about what is happening here.

The other day I went to Gymnastics!  Wow to see it in person was very cool and I had a great seat!

07.17.15 Flying gymnast

The height that this Canadian got during her performance was AMAZING!


The pummel horse was very interesting.  It was so crazy how strong these men were.   But the apparatus that really caught the strength of these young athletes was the rings.  07.17.15 StrengthWow!

07.17.15 Brazil Wins Gold

The very last athlete from the rings group did his routine and just blew everyone else away!  Brazil was Gold!  There were a lot of Brazilians cheering him on.  Sorry I didn’t get the athletes names.

07.17.15 TORONTO

Here is my second little painting.  It is a 5×7 of the scene at Toronto City Hall.  The Toronto letters are huge.  You get a sense of the size in  comparison to the workers who were setting the letters up. The water was still and the reflection was very interesting to paint.

07.16.14 Ian

It is someone specials birthday…Happy Happy Birthday Ian!  🙂

See you soon.  Have a great weekend.