It was a glorious Wednesday morning this week…actually all week has been amazing.  I am sure we have broken temperature records this week.  The walking group decided to go to Cameron Falls which is about an hours drive out of Yellowknife.

05.20.15 Cameron Falls Hike


The walk starts off easy enough on a walking trail but ends up with some challenging terrain.

05.20.15 Cameron Falls hike2

I had a chuckle with the “Almost There” spray painted on the rock.  🙂

05.20.15 Cameron Falls

The water is very low this year, and there is still ice and snow on the falls (as you can see from the photos).

05.20.15 Cameron Falls Group

My attempt at a group photo.  I should have moved closer!

So have I been painting…well yes and no.  I am having a hard time being in my studio with the weather being so magnificent.  Not that you can blame me after a long winter.  Here is a sneak peek of what I have been working on.

05.21.15 Butterfly painting

As I am typing this up there is a thunder storm starting to come through and some much needed rain as well.  I am off to watch the storm at 11:41 pm!

Have a great weekend and I shall see you on Monday.