Happy Tuesday!

All over Facebook people share mimes about all kinds of things.  One night I had an epiphany that I could make my own.  So I have been playing with quotes about flowers and my own paintings. It has been great fun to create them.

04.20.15 Flower Quote1 copy

04.20.15 Flower Quote5 copyI can’t wait to do more!  Now to search out more flower quotes to match with my paintings.  🙂

Sometimes i just need to play.  Oh ya…I have been painting and look what is completed!

04.20.15 A Buds Promise SOLD

“A Buds Promise”, 15×22″(38x56cm), SOLD

Working in with such light and soft value shifts is an interesting adventure.  It often took 4 to 6 careful layers to get each petal to where I wanted it to be!  Patience and a very timid approach got the rose completed.

See you on Thursday.