Over the years I have received a range of emails.  Opportunities seem to knock in unique ways and I have learned to respond to those most interesting requests. I have been published in two Art quilt books because I responded. 🙂

The most recently an email came from a fellow named Raman Stika, a poet from the US.  He had found one of my paintings (though I never did asked how he found it) and it would fit perfectly for the cover of his book of poetry called “How Old is God?: the meaning of life…and other stuff”.

Each time something like this happens there is a lot of learning because it is the very first time I have had to do this.  So Raman and I held our conversation over a range of emails, which lead to me building my very first Image Licensing contract.

Well I am very please to introduce you to Raman’s book of poetry.  Initally it was only in kindle format but now you can purchase a paper version.  I am ordering mine tomorrow!  04.03.15 How Old is God Raman Stika


Here is a page from the book:

04.13.15 Raman Stika partial poem


If you would like to chance to purchase this book you can order it from here.  I wish Raman all the success with this book of poetry and can’t wait to hold this book in my hands.  I am an old fashion girl, I love paper books more than digital ones.

Congratulations Raman!