After a year of planning it is great to be at the end of my first set of classes.  I developed and designed 4 new classes this January, February and March. The last class ended just this past weekend.

When I teach I have taken the time to create a step by step approach of learning some of the new skills required before even getting to painting images.  We did a lot of colour mixing lessons and lessons around light and shadow to name a few.


04.02.15 Acrylic 1.2

I have developed this method so that in the end the students will end up where I want them to end up.04.02.15 Acrylic 1

And here we are with the final painting! 04.02.15 Acrylic 1 Class

Most of the group joined me for the Acrylic 2 class, which challenged them and moved them even further along the art journey.  Learning to paint in value while looking at colour was not very easy…04.02.15 acrylic 2

…but it helped when we got to day 2 and we worked with colour.  I loved that each person came up with their own colour pallet.  In Acrylic 1 we spent a lot of time developing colour mixtures to help when we got to this class.  Listening to the conversations as they were looking at the image and their colour mixtures to decide which was the best approach.  Some went with three paint colours: orange, blue and white, while others chose do a broader range of colours to paint with.  04.02.15 Acrylic 2.1


Working away with such intense concentration.  🙂04.02.15 Acrylic 2.3

I was so pleased with how their paintings turned out! 04.02.15 Acrylic 2 OrangesNow it will be a while before I will teach again. I have to get back to painting in prep for my 2016 calendar and my Annual Open House in November!