03.16.15 My Plan and LIFE

I  am sorry haven’t been here in a long time.  The last time I posted life was going smoothly like the upper graphic…that is until 2 days later when it became like the bottom graphic.  So we are still sorting out our world but I am starting to feel more settled. Everyone is fine and no one was hurt. This we are very thankful for.

 The Yellowknife Watercolour Society brought up  Gerry Thompson from BC to teach a watercolour painting class.   It was fabulous!

03.16.15 Gerry teaching

Gerry demoing on Darlene’s piece.

03.16.15 Gerry Ragged Ass Road

Gerry and I touring around…bet your town doesn’t have a Ragged Ass Road!

03.16.15 Gerry

I made sure that Gerry was completely warm!  🙂 It was so great to get to know her and spend time with this amazing artist.  Thanks Gerry for saying yes when I emailed over a year ago.

I will be back but not for a week or so.  We are off to see our grandson and meet their new puppy Danger.

03.16.15 Danger and Burke

Here is a photo after Danger’s bath!  Burke was holding his baby!!!  🙂

See you soon.  Thanks for dropping by.