1134 Cherished Shawna Lampi-Legaree

Cherished, (13x19in), Watercolour

Artist Statement: “This past summer when the sun was shining and the sky was clear I received a phone call from local artist/gardener Janice Daly saying that one of her dahlias had bloomed. I was greeted by this glorious flower filled with so much beauty in the form of colour, shape and shadow. It was a joyful reminder, especially this summer, that though summers are short here in Yellowknife there can be such exquisite luminosity around us.”

I would like to that thank Darrell and Diane Vikse of PSAV Architects Ltd for purchasing “Cherished” and then donating the painting to the be auctioned off at the Yellowknife Community Foundation’s annual Valentine’s Day Gala that is being held this Saturday night!  Darrell and Diane are very generous Yellowknife community supporters in so many ways, both through their business and in their private lives.  I feel deeply honoured that Darrell and Diane have done chosen my art.

See you after the weekend.  Hey did I tell you that I ADORE teaching.  🙂  More to come on Monday.