1144 Girl Announcement ShawnaLampi-Legaree

Girl Gender Reveal!, 8×8, Acrylic, $100 Available

I thought this would be a totally fun way for a young couple to announce the gender of the baby that they are looking forward to. Imagine giving their parents an original painting for an announcement…or the young couple opening it up at their party to find out that they are having a girl or a boy!   So I painted this just because it was such a fun idea. I love how the flower bracelet worked out.  I left that to the very last and I was delighted that i could capture the multi-faceted nature of it.

 I don’t know if you remember that I did the boy gender reveal painting a few months ago.  Here it is.  Now I will hang them side by side at my house  until someone decides that they want to surprise someone with an original work of art when they make their big announcement.

07.04.14 Boy Gender Reveal

Boy Gender Reveal!, 8×8, Acrylic, $100 Available

Though I would love to get baby items from the expecting parents and to do a painting with their treasures.  Now that would be so fun!

Thanks for dropping by.  See you soon!