02.02.15 01 Plein Air tulips


Plein Air 01 – Tulips, 5×7, Acrylic

So I did an experiment today. I set up my portable easel in the living room and I had a vase of tulips to paint.  So like Plein Air painters I painted with the sun moving along while I was trying to capture the light and shadow of the tulips.  But unlike the Plein Air painters I was cozy in my house…cause it is way tooooo cold out there to even attempt to paint (-30C something).

So here is the challenge…the light kept moving.  I was painting faster than I have ever painted.  I am pleased with how I captured the vase.  I think that the leaves were very busy and maybe too much for a first attempt at this kind of painting.  The tulips came out alright. Values are not really quite correct.  I don’t have the lights light enough…

What did I learn?  Well I learned to keep very focused, to look at the overall but still at each section and that I need to practice painting faster more often.  🙂

February is the perfect time to do this.  The sun is shining, but it is low enough in the sky that it lights up the still life objects in an exciting way.  It will be interesting to see how far this experiment can go before the sun is just too high in the sky to shine properly in the living room.

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope that February brings more light to your part of the world!  🙂  See you soon.