getting prepared for classes.  🙂  This week is filled with teaching.  Last night was the 3rd session of Drawing 1, Thursday night is the 1st session of Acrylic 1, and Saturday is the 4th and final session for Drawing 1.  I am working a lot of hours doing prep work.  It is interesting I spent a great deal of time preparing for my Drawing 1 class and found out that really I need to prep for one class and then see where we are before preparing for the next week.  So now I am doing this for Acrylic 1 as well. I have a number of exercises ready for Thursday night.  I am having such a great time teaching!

01.28.15 Complimentary colour

Today the sun shone!  I spent a really fun afternoon doing a photo shoot using beautiful sunlight, rooting through my fabric, checking to see that we could create the colours with the two paint colours and white!  Oh this is going to be fun!!!!  Ian came home and I was just a chatter box about the amazing set ups I had come up with and can’t wait to paint for the Acrylic painting class. 🙂

So I am being consistent…just not at blogging or painting for myself.  That will come soon enough.

See you soon!