Here I am in the first few minutes of the brand new year.  2014 was an interesting year filled with great events, travel and friends & family time and art making.

12.31.14 2014 year end

If you have been following me for a while you know that each year I participate with an online group that does a ‘Word’ for the year.  I thought I had a word…but another one keeps jumping up and down trying to get my attention.  So my word for 2015 is Consistency.

Now those who follow my blog know how things have gone this year.  Anyway I am back at it and raring to go.

I am getting ready for Drawing 1 and Acrylic 1.  I discovered that I haven’t really done up proper colour mixing charts so I started to play! 🙂  I have a 5×7 that I am working on that I hit a colour problem, as in what colours go into creating what I am seeing.  So all this class prep is going to be very helpful! 12.31.14 playingSo far three charts are done and many more are planned. Years ago I spent a whole summer doing the same thing but for dyeing fabric.  I have a fabulous binder of fabric colours that I can recreate.  Then I have done this same thing for Watercolour and I am forever in the binder when I hit a snag.  Now that I am focusing more on acrylic it will be awesome to have a binder full of fabulous colour.

This is a great way to back to work.

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement, for the comments, and for walking with me on this exciting art journey.  My wish for you and your family is that 2015 is the best year ever, and that it is filled with love, joy, creativity and fabulous memory making events!