WELL I thought I was back…but it seems that I am struggling with complete inertia.  “The Law of Inertia states that a body in motion will remain in motion, and a body at rest will remain at rest”.  Well I am definitely  at totally “rest” but to get back to movement takes more energy than I expected.

Last night I just decided that i have had enough!  I put my alarms on again and so this morning I started back into my studio.  I got back to working on enlarging an image to do a watercolour painting.  It is a start.  12.17.14 Inertia struggles

I thought I would do the highly detailed image to start off with.  So as I draw I get to look closely at the colour/value variations on the all the little florets of the lilac.  This is one of the things that I like.  It gives me time to prepare my mind and eyes again for painting.

See you soon!