This week I ordered brushes from the UK.  I am teaching an Acrylic painting class in the New Year and so I needed to order the brushes now.  Of course I ordered a number of them for myself too! 🙂

12.05.14 hands up

I found this video and thought you might like to see how DaVince brushes are made. I own one of their really big ones, a #30, for watercolour painting but I was surprised to see how not mechanized the brush making process is.  I use brushes almost every day and somehow I didn’t really think about all the elements that went into creating my most used tool.

Thanks to Katherine Tyrrell of MAKING A MARK for posting it.

Tomorrow I plan to begin to draw a larger version of a photo I got of lilacs with a butterfly that I want to paint.  Maybe this week I will get some painting done!  I am just about done the christmas cards!  The Gingerbread House Decorating invites are created and will be going out tomorrow.  🙂

See you after the weekend and maybe I will have some painting to show you!