Well if you are going to do a Visioning Exercise then one needs to dress for the part…

12.01.14 Dressed to Dream

I thought I needed to dream with a tiara on!  🙂

12.01.14 PlanningI normally do my Visioning Exercise in July sitting outside in the glorious heat of summer…but this July was not one of those Julys.  It was way to smoky and yukky outside.  Finally I found the drive and made the time to do it.  I really do find it helps me to figure out where I want to go and then I can start to plan how I will get there.

So I have planned for all of 2015, and I have research to do for something in the fall of 2015 and another idea that i might do in 2016. My focus this year is to be more consistent in my production and I have envisioned  a certain number of paintings to complete by years end.  And I have tentatively planned more classes for in the fall…but first I shall see how the classes go this winter!

Now when I look at this Visioning Exercise in a year I may well find that I was too ambitious…just like in other years!  😉

I only have one space left in both the Drawing I and Acrylic I class.  I am so thrilled and can’t wait to teach in January.

See you on thursday.  I will have photos from Dreaming Of Colour!