Sorry to be away for so long.  I am getting myself sorted out and ready to go again! Yahoo.  I have done some drawing.

11.29.14 DrawingCollage

The other day Katherine Tyrrell of MAKING A MARK website had this list:

Ten Golden Rules for Every Busy Artist

  1. When I’m ‘in the zone’ and in the studio I’m not available
  2. There’s no such thing as the perfect drawing, painting, colour mix etc. – but practice helps me create art more effectively
  3. I am allowed to create a new way of making art – even if you and the gallery like what I used to do better
  4. Creating a tiff image as soon as I complete an artwork means I won’t get upset when it sells and I realise I don’t have a proper image of it
  5. I will always get through the admin and marketing faster and more effectively if I allocate a set time
  6. Time spent cleaning the studio is not downtime, it’s thinking about the next piece time
  7. I don’t have to say “Yes” to every offer or opportunity to exhibit or teach or demonstrate or give a talk
  8. I will stress less later if I file that paid invoice/expense receipt now
  9. Every now and again I should look up and say ‘Hello’ to friends and family and be thankful for my supporters
  10. I should always remember that galleristas and art critics can’t do what I can!

I have to say I agree with them.  I don’t answer the phone when I am working!  I even have a schedule that I follow as closely as I can that includes finances, on-line work, painting, and cleaning the studio is a Sunday morning quiet job.    🙂   It is the only way I can keep on top of all the needs to get done.  Someday maybe I will have someone to help out…

See you soon!