I had hoped to have images from our Dreaming of Colour Show but alas the photographer is still working on them.   So instead I will direct you over to England where Dulwich Picture Gallery is holding a show on one of our nations brightest star – Emily Carr in their PAINTING CANADA 2 Show.  Check out the blog post and the video about the show.  So if you happen to be going over to the UK between now and March I think that this is a show to see!  I would LOVE to go and see it.  I have several of Emily Carr books that she wrote and a book about her art and her life.  She was a very interesting artist.  Her book Hundreds and Thousands is amazing.  She won awards for her writing!

11.04.14 emily carr

Emily when she was young…

and not so young!  🙂

11.04.14 emily carr older


11.04.14 EmilyCarr-Indian-Church-1929

This painting is in our National Art Gallery and I saw it when I visited just a few years ago.

I have decided to take a break from my studio just to recuperate from such an intense time I had this fall…I am tired and a physical break will do me good.  A little fallow time will allow the creative juices to begin to flow again.  I will be back in a few weeks with photos from the show!  Have a great November.