10.17.14 -7 days

This photo is of the beginning of doing the bark of the magnolias.  I had so much FUN doing the bark.  I loved the variations in it. 🙂  Definitely wish we had magnolias here in Yellowknife.

Today I got the last of my largest pieces completed for the show and down to the scanners!  Now on to 5×7’s for the next two days.  I learned something interesting that it is great to do two similar paintings side by side on one piece of paper and then cut them apart. The background matches and the colour/values are similar too since I can look from one to the other to ensure that it goes together.  I am loving the lazy susan because it makes it so easy to move from one side to the other.

Maybe I will see you tomorrow but most likely I won’t post until Friday or Saturday!  I will do a video again like I did last year.

Have a wonderful week.  Yahoo the sale is near.