I am back from a fantastic thanksgiving weekend with my son and his family.  I just played with my grandson and we ate yummy food and we laughed and just had a great time!  🙂  I actually didn’t even think about the sale at all.  Such a great brain/body break.

Today I took the three of them to the airport, gave them a hug and came back home to get myself sorted out and back to painting.  Here is a bit of what I was working on.

10.15.14 Ten Days left

Sorry about the quality of the photo.  I hadn’t realized it was so blurry but, I am on to the magnolias.  Working on this painting does take me back to Vancouver in April!  I can’t wait to see how the two paintings look when they are completed and framed.  I will be framing them up early next week. I am working hard not to feel total panic about how little time is left for painting.  So much to do but  it will be alright in the end…for if it isn’t,then it can’t be the end!    (Do you know what movie that phrase is from?)

See you again tomorrow night.