A while ago I was asked to do a talk at the YK Quilters guild.  I covered the early history of the quilters guild.

10.09.14 First quilt ever

I showed work over the years.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had pulling out all my quilts. Some I forgot I had even made.  It was a FUN day!  🙂  This is my very very first quilt!  I made it for my son Sean!
10.09.14 Last quilt of the evening


This piece I painted in 2011 but still need to quilt!  🙂  I spend more time painting watercolour than quilting these days.
10.09.14 Shawna and LindaThe fun thing that was there were old photos and you could take them home.  So here is a photo of one of my favouritest women, Linda Kallos and me in about 2002.   Seems like a million years ago.

It was a fun evening.  And at the 19 minute mark my phone alarm went off and I apologized that I wasn’t done but I moved it along quickly enough to finish 10 minutes later.  I even did a demo…haven’t done that in quilting more years that I can remember!  It was a fun evening.